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What a human does as opposed to what God does.

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Is Fire an Act of Man or an Act of God?

It depends on the cause of the fire. Arson is an Act of Man. A forest fire is an Act of God.

Example of Human acts and act of man?

A human act is basically the same thing as an act of man. Anything a human does is a human act, because we are only governed by freewill.

Is Suicide is Act of man or Human act?

Suicide is a human act. FYI, an act of man is an act that can be shared with other animals. This includes acts such as sleeping and eating. A human act, on the other hand, is an act that is proper ONLY to man. Such acts include cursing and the like. So suicide is an act that only man can think of and, therefore, making it a human act since animals would never attempt to suicide because every animal's instinct is to survive.

Are the human act and act of man both ethical?

Clearly, the collective acts of man(kind) have not all been ethical.

How should people act in church?

Act yourself. God sees the heart of man, and we come to worship God, not man.

Is it important to know the difference between an act of man and human act?

The phrase "an act of man" seems to exclude the acts of women, who are also members of the human race. So "human act" is more inclusive.

Difference of human act and acts of man?

A human act is the act of an individual, such as a murder or, conversely, saving a life. Acts of man are the actions of groups, such as war or the conservation of nature.

How do you act unavailable for a man?

you don't act. Tell him your not interested or get yourself a girlfriend.

How can you get your man to confess that his cheating?

catch him in the act.

Act of man situation of sneezing?


Can watermelon act like Viagra on a man?


Why is man the only moral agent?

By "moral agent" we understand a creature able to act morally. To act morally supposes a creature has the ability to know that its actions have moral consequences. Among animals, only man has the faculty of intellect, which allows man to understand that his actions have good or evil consequences. Further, man can know that he is the source of the action that leads to these consequences and, as such, is responsible for them. In order to be able to make a moral act, man also has the faculty of will, that is, a man can choose how to act even when understanding whether the act is good or evil. Because of the faculties of intellect and will man can understand cause and effect, good and evil, consequences and personal responsibility and thus every act a human being does when the faculties are not inhibited, is a human act by a moral agent.

Is human act is the same as the act of man?

Acts of Man or Human act sound relative, by lexicon the two phrases are very close but going deeper into their matters and functions, one finds them different from each other. An act that is not proper to man as a rational being is called Act of Man Example eating, hearing, tasting, smelling, etc. Human Acts are actions or activities that emanate from the rationality of man Example: To vote a candidate To decide To teach To love To hate, to read, to study, etc.

When man love how does he act?

When a man is in love he will kiss, hug, caress, and have sex with his partner.

Differences between human act and act of man?

Human acts are done out of the nature of being a human. Acts of man are purposeful and can be both good or bad.

Why does a man not act interested in a women?

Chances are he isn't then.

How to act like a man?

Start by being mature.

What do you feel about the patriot act?

feels bad man

How does a sidekick in melodrama act?

A sidekick is supposed to take a pressurised story to the laughing side. A sidekick should act like a disturbed man or a man, who has some problems.

How does a married man act gay?

There is no such thing as "acting gay". A person's sexual orientation has nothing to do with how they act.

What does a man really mean when he tells you you are all woman?

That means that you are very beautiful, and that you act as if you were not a man :)

Tulisa of N Dubz tries to act too tough to ever show her man true love?

She doesn't act too tough to show her man love and anyway you don't know what she's like with her man.

Examples of act of man?

this is very simple.act of human means that either the will or knowledge is absent while human act is the complete presence of the will and the knowledge.

Examples of drama?

a man is cheeting on his wife and she catches him in the act.

How do a real man act?

It depends on what kind of guy you want