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An activated complex is essentially a collection of structures in one place. These occur when bonds are breaking apart and forming new bonds.

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Which of the following represents the highest energy point on an energy diagram?

activated complexactivated complex

Is an activated complex stable?

No, an activated complex is not stable. It exists during the transition phase of the reaction, and its existence is ephemeral. It either reverts to the reactants or converts to the products.

What is an activated complex?

An activated complex is a transitional structure, in an energetically excited state, which forms between the reactants of a chemical reaction and breaks down to form the products.

Arrangement of atoms at the peak of an energy barrier?

Activated complex.

What is Arrangement of atoms at the peak of an energy barrier?

Activated complex.

What is an anaphase-promoting complex?

An anaphase-promoting complex is a complex of several proteins which is activated during mitosis to initiate the anaphase.

Activated-complex theory of chemical kinetics?

actvated theory is just the collision theory but kinetic energy in activated comlex is less than collision theory

What does it means that a molecule is activated?

You may be talking about the activated complex, which is a kind of unstable "molecule" that is a transition state between the products and the reactants in a reaction.

What part does Activation Energy play on the catalyst cycle?

This obeys to the theory of absolute reaction rates or transition state theory, developed by Henry Eyring in the 1930s. This is a theory of chemical kinetics according to which the velocity of a chemical reaction is proportional to the concentration of and activated complex that is formed from the reactants. The reactants must be activated by means of an activation energy to form the activated complex before they can be converted into products. The activated complex is a transient state; an unstable complex held together by weak bonds. Therefore, the activation energy, according to this theory, is crucial to form the activation complex to be converted into products.

How does the potential energy of an activated complex compare with potential energies of the reactants and products?

The potential energy of an activated complex is typically greater than the potential energy of the reactants and products. That is because some of the energy is already used.

What is another name for the activated complex?

it is also known as Transition state between reactants and products.

Which is described as an unstable short lived structure caused by the effective collision of particles?

Activated complex

What is described as an unstable short lived structure caused by the effective collision of particles?

Activated complex

What is another name for an activated complex?

Another name for an activate complex is a transition state. It refers to the structure at the maximum energy point along a reaction path.

Where is Natural Super B-Complex made and where are the ingredients from?

Try isotonix activated vitamin b complex. Its powder which makes it completely isotonic for your body.

Where in terms of energy does the activated complex occur along a typical reaction pathway?

The activated complex lies at the top of the energy curve. It is the highest energy complex in the overall reaction scheme, synonymous to the transition state. If you look at the reaction: A + B --> C + D The activated complex is right in the middle of the arrow. For A + B to become C + D, we need some energy. Because you're forcing two atoms close together, bonds are being formed and broken. The activated complex is where those bonds are all half broken and formed. To get a better feel for this, do a search for reaction coordinates. You'll see an energy curve for the reaction which will show a large bump in energy. At the very top of that bump is the activated complex. As a side note, it can come as a bit of a shock when people start talking about activated complexes\transition states. Because often in chemistry you'll spend years just sort of assuming these things are clean and instant...which actually goes against our common sense. Just trust your instincts here, everything takes time...even if it is only a tiny fraction of a second. Find a reaction and try to picture what the activated complex would be, you would likely be surprised how correct you are for many of them. If you are doing a chemistry degree, you should have a course or two specifically about these. For further searching try: activated complex, transition state, transition stage, reaction intermediate, reaction coordinate.

Which term describes complex proteins that normally circulate in the blood in an inactive form but are activated by contact with an antigen?


Does the activated complex have the highest kinetic energy?

No, the kinetic energy that was present before the collision will become potential energy.

Why is activation energy is needed in a chemical rection?

The activation energy is the must be over come form an activated complex

What is the role of the activated complex in a chemical reaction?

The activated complex is the intermediate form of a simplechemical reaction. In the following simple chemical reaction:A + B ---> C + DA & B are reactants; C & D are products. The activated complex can be written as A-B like so:A + B --> A-B --> C+ DBasically it is the complex formed when A & B "collide" together. The energy of the system increases during this collision and if it exceeds the "activation" threshold, the reaction can occur (it doesn't have to occur however. think of A-B as the top of a hill...the reaction can proceed forward, down to C & D or go backwards to reform A & B...the hill represents the energy of the system). The activated complex is also known as the transition state, or intermediate state, since it must preceed product formation.

When the catalyst bonds with the activated complex what is its effect on the activation energy and the rate and nbsp?

The activation energy is lower and the reaction rate increase.

What does activation energy do to a chemical reaction?

Activation energy is required to weaken the bonds of reactants or toconvert the reactants into activated complex which leads to the products.

What is the amount of energy needed to reach the activated complex?

Activation energy, sometimes symbolised by Ea (units J/mol.K) (comes in with the 'Arrhenius equation').

How do you spell activated?

Activated is the correct spelling.

Where is trypsin activated?

Trypsin is activated in the small intestine

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