What is actor Ajith Kumar height?

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Akshay Kumar height?

Akshay Kumar is a well known Bollywood actor. He has appeared inseveral movies. Akshay is approximately 5 feet 11 inches in height.

What is actor vikram height?

Information Posted by PALANI(kutti) . Biography / Biodata . Name . Vikram . Birth name . John Kennedy . Date of Birth . April 17, 1965 . Nick name . Chiyaan | chiyan | Kenny . Birth Place . Paramakudi, Tamil Nadu, India . Nationality . Indian . Eye color ( Full Answer )

What is actor Aamir Khan's height?

He was around 5.7 when he was young. But you know when you get old your height decrease and weight increase so now he is 5 feet and 5 inches. He was around 5.7ft when he was young. But you know when you get old your height decrease and weight increase so ya now he is 5 feet and 5 inches.

What is actor imran Khan's height?

his height is 5"9 Personal Profile Birth Name: Imran Khan Pal Common Name: Imraan Date of Birth: 13th Jan 1983 Place of Birth : Madison, Wisconsin, United States Height: 5'9 Sex: Male Nationality: Indian Family Father:Anil Pal Mother:Nuzhat Khan Uncle:Aamir Khan Career Pr ( Full Answer )

Tamil actor Surya height?

Height of Tamil actor surya is 5'6" Kamal Haasan height is 5'6" Vivek(comedian)-5'6" Nassar-5'6" Prabhu Ganesan-5'7" Anandharaj(actor)-5'7" Jai(actor)-5'7" Santhanam-5'7" Raghava Lawrance-5'7" Bharath-5'7.5" Rajni Kaanth-5'8" Arjun Sarja-5'8" Dhanush-5'8"

Ajith Kumar email address?

Personal info about stars is usually not disclosed. Joining a fan base near you can help you communicate with Thala. His recent release Mankatha is very successful at the box office.

What is actor arjun's height?

Arjun kapoor is 1.83 metres tall. He has a good physique. He is the son of famous produces bony kapoor.

How many fan clubs does ajith have?

Ajith, also known as "Thala", is having more than 70000 registered fan club. He is the leading actor in Tamil who is having the largest fan club (south India). Rajni is the next actor who is having close numbers of fan clubs when compared to ajith.

Who has more fans ajith or vijay?

Ajith has close to 10x more fans than Vijay and he is not only theleading actor by fanbase in Tamil Nadu but in South India itself. Vijay is a good upcoming actor of the league of yesteryear greatVijayaKanth.

Who is best actor ajith or vijay?

well, Let's compare the results. We should concentrate on threeaspects 1.Awards 2.Best earned movies 3.Fans Best actor awards ------------------------ Vijay: Not even a single best actor award. ajith: four best actor awards Best earned movies ---------------------------- Vijay: No any movies exist ( Full Answer )

What is actor suriya's height?

Actor Suriya is typically shorter than other tamil heroes. He is 5'6. This problem actually resulted him in having to wear heels during the shoot of Singam because Anushka was taller than him.

Is ajith Kumar a good Tamil actor?

He is an actor who had good past with sensible movies but more thana decade he lost his reputation due to his health issues. Presentlyhe is being overrated just because of his health disorder,. Withrespect to cinema industry, performance wise he lags from otherstars. He doesn't possess skills other ( Full Answer )

Mail id of actor ajith Kumar?

its not possible for celebrities to provide their personal information. ajith singh too is a celebrity. he can't give his mail id as they have some privacy in their life.

What is the ajiths daughter name?

Ajith Kumar Married noted actress Shalini in early 2000s. They had a bay in 2007. Their baby girl is named Anoushka. Anoushka is now about 4 years old and is a fan of her dad.

What is ajith language?

Ajith Kumar is a Tamilian. His filmography is very impressive, as he has been around for many decades. His image has revolved through the ages to blend with youth interests.

Is kumar short?

No kumar is not that short. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall. That is almost the average height but surely not short.

What is ajith salary for per film?

Actor Ajith Kumar has Evolved through the ages, so his experience demands a hike in salary. His latest movie Mankatha fetched him about 10 crores. His next film Billa 2 Will significantly impact his salary as well.

What is the actor ajith residencial address?

His house is near amma's house .. His house will look like red fort and all his drivers hav a uniform like a pilot .. His address is kept confidential .. Although I know his personal phone number n address I cannot reveal it in a public website like this .. I'm soo sorry .

Who is best vijay or ajith?

first concentrate on aspects acting ajith-52% vijay-48% dance ajith-15% vijay-85% comedy ajith-30% vijay-70% fight ajith-25% vijay-75% different getups ajith-85% vijay-15% dialogues ajith-40% vijay-60% fans ajith-44% vijay-56% seeing this we can understand that both are not much different their ski ( Full Answer )

Who is Ash Kumar?

ash kumar is 21year old and ash kumar is the world record for being fastest henna artists in the world as titled by the goiness book of world records

Who has more fans in TamilNadu Ajith or Vijay?

Ajith has like 2x more fan clubs and fans than Vijay. Total fan clubs estimated for Ajith is close to 60k and VIjay isclose to 28k viisit this site for Vijay latest movie updates- Vijay.com

How many fan club does ajith have?

Actor Ajith Kumar is internationally appreciated. The number of fan clubs keeps expanding so a definite number can not be assumed. His latest release Mankatha has been on the top ten box office list Internationally.

How many actor ajith fan clubs?

about 70000 registered fansclub......highest no of fansclub for an actor in tamilnadu...but during his 40th b'day he dismantle the fans club i.e. giveup the managing power from his hands, saying from now onwards there will be no official fansclub for him..........but still fans club are running on t ( Full Answer )

Where is Bollywood actor sudesh Kumar?

It appears that Bollywood actor Sudesh Kumar no longer acts. Thelast piece of work he was in was in 2002, entitled Sur: The Melodyof Life.

What is the height of puneeth raj Kumar?

Puneeth Rajkumar is five feet and eight inches tall. Puneeth is anIndian film actor and singer. She was born in the year of 1975.

Where is Bollywood actor sudhir Kumar?

The Hollywood actor Sudhir Kumar was killed after making a movie.It was told that his own father sent henchmen to kill him.

What is ajith religion?

Hinduism description: The major Hindu pilgrimage and temples are discussed here, illustrating their religious significance, and world's largest religious gathering at Kumbh Mela, Hindu religion is uncovered.

What is Tamil actor simbu height?

His height is 5'9". Other actors that are 5'9" are: Arya Ajith Kumar Prakash Raj Arun Vijay Vijay Kanth

When was the actor Ajith Kumar born?

The actor Ajith Kumar was born on May 1, 1971. He is an Indian actor and has appeared in many films since his on screen debut in 1992. Currently he is 41 years old.

What year was the Indian actor Dilip Kumar born?

Dilip Kumar was born on December 11, 1922. His first role was in the 1944 film "Jwar Bhata". Critics have listed him as one of the greatest actors in the history of Hindi cinema.

When was Indian actor Uttam Kumar born?

The Indian actor Uttam Kumar was born September 3,1926 and passed away in July 24,1980. He was born in Ahiritola, North Calcutta. He was married and had one child.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Heights - 1992?

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What actors and actresses appeared in Shravan Kumar - 1984?

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What actors and actresses appeared in Padmasree Bharat Dr. Saroj Kumar - 2012?

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