What is aerobics?

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Any form of exercise that makes the heart pump faster.

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Is weightlifting aerobics?

No, weight lifting is not aerobics.

A system of earning points from active aerobics?

Cooper Aerobics

When did Dance Aerobics happen?

Dance Aerobics happened in 1987.

What helps to lose weight faster aerobics or yoga?


Water aerobics and step aerobics are cardiovascular exercises?


What are aquarobics?

Aqua aerobics or water aerobics are exercises (aerobics) done in shallow water or water that reaches about mid chest area.

Are water aerobics and step aerobics cardiovascular exercises?

Yes. Water Aerobics and Step aerobics are a type of Cardiovascular exercises . Here is a source from A Cardiovascular Website. Some common examples of aerobics exercises include cycling, biking, jogging, running, swimming and dancing. You can also carry out your aerobic workout on different machines in the gym like treadmill, stationary exercising bike, stair-stepper etc. Recently, Step Aerobics, Dance aerobics and Water Aerobics are growing in popularity.

What is the function of aerobics?

The function of Aerobics is exercising to enhance Lung functions in smokers.

How do you use the word aerobics in a sentence?

I jogged this morning, on the way to the aerobics class.

When was Dance Aerobics created?

Dance Aerobics was created on 1987-02-26.

What is a sentence using the word aerobics?

I am looking for an aerobics class nearer to my house.

What actors and actresses appeared in Clear Blue - 2010?

The cast of Clear Blue - 2010 includes: Wordsley as Aerobics Class Jeff Clarke as Griff Kimberly Crandall as Aerobics Class Gabe Hohreiter as Lifeguard Edward Joyce as Aerobics Class Nancy Linehan Charles as Flova Ana Lugo as Aerobics Class Tedi Martin as Water Aerobics instructor Ron McCoy as Pat Natalie Nastulczykova as Aerobics Class Thia Schuessler as Young Flova Ben Schyah as Aerobics Class Chris Sheffield as Simon Cristina Simarro as Aerobics Class Rebecca Tarani as Aerobics Class

What is the duration of Aerobics Oz Style?

The duration of Aerobics Oz Style is 1800.0 seconds.

What is the importance of aerobics in body parts?

i think aerobics is also good 4 respiratory systems

What are the basic foot and arm movement combination in aerobics?

different arms and feet movement in aerobics

Does weight lifting or aerobics help you to lose weight faster?

aerobics would be your best bet

How do you design an aerobics fitness plan?

My aerobics fitness consist of riding bike and going run

What type of aerobics exercise is most beneficial following knee replacement surgery?

water aerobics

What is the answer to the September 26 2008 Wheel of Fortune bonus or final puzzle?

aerobics class Aerobics class

What are the objectives of aerobics?

The objectives of aerobics are to help improve overall fitness; this includes strength, flexibility, and cardio.

What is the difference between high-impact and low-impact aerobics?

With high impact aerobics, you run and jump. With low impact aerobics, you always have your knees bent and 1 foot on the floor. Low impact aerobics gives you the same workout without stressing your joints.

What is aquarobics?

Water Aerobics

Is aerobics a sport?

No it is not a sport!

How was aerobics formed?


Is yoga an aerobics workout?