What is afterlife in ancient Egypt?

When they died, their body would be mu mummified and put their organs put into jars which state what organ was in it. They left the heart in the body because the egyptians believed that it was the source of life and that the soul resides in the heart.
They would then bandage the courpse and place it in a coffin with things that may help them in their afterlife, such as amulets, shabti, food, etc.
The people belived that once this was done, the soul of the person would go through tests made from the Gods. Once these tests were passed, the person would stay and be happy for eternity, but if they fail they would be sent to the evil gods and would be punished for all of eternity.

The afterlife was much like normal life. They believed that they would all live in large villas in the countryside. They would all be rich and prosperous. They would have more than enough of everything. Crops would grow easily and life would be more luxurious for everybody. They would have banquets with friends, sail down the river, and live a peaceful, eternal life. There would be no sickness or death, just happiness.