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What is air seasoning?

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2013-02-19 22:14:56

Air or Natural seasoning this process takes rather a long

time,approximately one year for every 25 mm of timber thickness but

it is effective. The floor of the shelter is rested on concrete or

brick pillars, and the area underneath the floor is hard cored to

discourage insects and fungi which would have detrimental effect on

the timber being seasoning.The traditional method of seasoning

timber was to stack it in air and let the heat of the atmosphere

and the natural air movement around the stacked timber remove the

moisture. The process has undergone a number of refinements over

the years that have made it more efficient and reduced the quantity

of wood that was damaged by drying too quickly near the ends in air

seasoning.Moisture loss from the side of the wood is at about the

right rate not to cause collapse of the cells, but near the ends of

the wood, the moisture loss can prove to be too fast. Often the

ends are wrapped or painted to slow the moisture loss from the end


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