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What is akons first song?

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Akons first song was: My Dog

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What is akons first name?


Who are the models in Akon's song 'beautiful'?

who is the mixed model in akons beautiful video

What does hold your hand by akon mean?

it means akons going to hold your hand...its a song really nice song too<3akon...

What is Akons last name?

Akon is his last name, clay is his first name

Akon's first and last name?

AnthonyI think Akons first and last name are Aliaune Thiam

Who is akons girfreind?

a slut

What is akons religon?

He is a Muslim.

What is Akons favorite color?

akons favorite color is orange because he wear orange dress in his latest album.

What are the names of akons mum and dad?

akons moms name is kinde gueye thiam and his father is mor thiam now

Who is the girl in akons dont matter video?

my name is klari Aniz and i was in akons don't matter video check me out on myspace!

When is akons birthday?

Its on the 16th of April

Where does akons family live?


How old are akons brothers?


What songs are on akons album freedom?

be with you

What is akons star sign?


What song has the lyrics 'I want to make up right now'?

It's the clean version of Akons "I wanna make love right now."

How do you pronounce akons real name?


Who is Akons wife?

Tomeka Robinson- Thiam

Akons email address?

What were akons parents called?

mom and dad

Who are akons brothers names?

there is Jake Samuel

Akon what is akons email?

What is akons height?

he is around 6 feet

Is Iyaz akons cousin?

No, they're not related.

How old is an oak tree before the first akon?

an oak tree has to be 20 years old before it starts growing akons