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What is amphoteric metal?

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Having the characteristics of an acid and a base and capable of reacting chemically either as an acid or a base.

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Why only zinc amongst metal reacts with base?

it is a amphoteric metal and it can react with both acid and base. amphoteric metal shows properties of both acid and base

Aluminum is an example of what?

Amphoteric metal, Boron group metal, Conductive metal, etc.

What is an example of an amphoteric metal?

From the USDOT Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration Glossary: A metal that is susceptible to corrosion in both acid and alkaline environments. Aluminum is an example of an amphoteric metal.

Why metal oxide are amphoteric in nature?

according to acid base definations base is such thing which accept proton easily.in metal oxides ,metal has ability to give proton and oxygen has ability to accept it.both are strong conjugat acid and base.so the metal oxides are amphoteric in nature.

Why zinc reacts both with acid and base?

Because zinc is an amphoteric metal

Is zinc a metal or semi metal?

Zinc is a metal. However, because with HCl it forms ZnCl2 and with NaOH it forms Na2ZnO2 it is classed as amphoteric.

Is zinc an amphoteric substance?

zinc reacts with acids as in: Zn+H2SO4-ZnSO4+H2 zinc also reacts with bases as in: Zn+2NaOH - Na2ZnO2+H2 Therefore zinc should be amphoteric metal. But none of the sites states that zinc is amphoteric

Is salt amphoteric?

Sodium chloride is not amphoteric.

What is a common amphoteric substance?

Water is an amphoteric substance.

Is ammonia an amphoteric substance?

Ammonia is an amphoteric compound.

What are the products when aluminum metal and sodium hydroxide react?

aluminium hydroxide (aqueous) and if there is excess sodium hydroxide, sodium aluminate is formed as aluminum is an amphoteric metal.

Can oxides be amphoteric?

There are a few amphoteric oxides. Water (an oxide of hydrogen) is a prime example. Aluminum oxide is also amphoteric.

What are some chemical properties of tin?

Tin is a metal located in the 14th group of the periodic table, and it shows amphoteric behaviour.

What are examples of amphoteric oxides?

the amphoteric oxide is the one of the type of oxide...

Is acetic acid amphoteric?

No. It is a weak acid, not amphoteric as it will not act as a base.

Is lead a metal nonmetal or metalloid?

Lead is a poor metal and (or) a metalloid: it has some amphoteric properties as well, like bismuth or arsenic. It has some fine metallic properties though.

Does sodium calcium are amphoteric oxides?

The oxides of sodium and calcium are not amphoteric: They are strongly basic. The most common amphoteric oxides are silica and alumina.

What is amphoteric compound?

An amphoteric compound is one that can act as either an acid or a base.

Is water is an amphoteric substance?

Yes, water can react as an acid or a base - amphoteric.

Is Glycine amphoteric?

Yes, Glycine is amphoteric. It can act as an acid or as a base (or alkaline).

An amphoteric substance acts as?

Am amphoteric substance can react as a base but also as an acid.

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