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What is an 'idle cylinder'?

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An idle cylinder refers to the state when the engine is not coupled with the drivetrain and with throttle pedal not depressed. There is rotational speed but it is not enough to move the vehicle.

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What should the idle speed be on a 2008 avenger 4-cylinder?

The computer will set the idle between 600 and 1200 rpm.

What should a 300 6 cylinder idle at?

Idle should be between 500 to 750 RPM.

If your 1994 Probe 4 cylinder will not idle what do you need to do?

Hey Bill==It is probably the idle speed solonoid. Have it checked out. GoodluckJOe

How can you get the low 500 rpm idle up a little on a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6 cylinder?

The idle speed is computer controlled. If the idle is too low, there is a problem with a ssensor or the idle speed motor.

How do you adjust the idle on 2003 Grand Caravan 6-cylinder 3.3 L engine?

Idle is computer controlled and is not adjustable.

Your Car shakes when AC is on what could it be?

Is it a 4 cylinder? Sometimes a 4 cylinder engine will shake a little extra when the AC is running and it's at an idle. You might be able to step up the idle a little extra but 4 cylinder engines are notorious for shaking when the AC is running.

What is the oil pressure for 6 cylinder Jeep Cherokee Laredo 1992?

Should be at least 10 at idle. 25 at idle would be better.

How do you adjust the idle on a 1988 Chevy Cavalier 2.0 four cylinder?

You can not adjust the idle screw, it is sealed off at the factory. If you are having a high idle problem check for a vacuum leak or a bad idle air control valve. These will commonly cause a high idle.

What is the normal oil pressure of a 2000 jeep wrangler 4 cylinder?

Normal is 30 at idle. 50+ at 3000 rpm. Minimum is 12 at idle.

How do you improve gas mileage on a 300 6-cylinder?

Keep the tires inflated to proper specs. Idle less, drive slower.

Dwell setting 65 mustang 6-cylinder?

35 to 38 dwell at idle RPM for your 200 cubic inch straight 6 cylinder in a 1965 Ford Mustang

Is 60psi a good cylinder compression for a Chevy 283?

NO. It should start at about 150 LBS. PER cylinder. And you can't have anymore then a 15 Lb. difference in any cylinder, are the engine will idle rough.

What causes car to shake when idle?

Cylinder misfire. Possibly failed or failing engine mounts.

What is the compression on each cylinder on a 5.7 liter motor?

A new engine would have 150 LBS or more per cylinder. A used engine that runs real good and that has plenty of power should have at least 140 LBS. per cylinder. If there is more then a 15 LB. difference in any cylinder then you will have a rough idle and maybe an engine miss at a idle. That means there is an internal engine problem.

1988 Camaro 6-cylinder- Hard to start- unstable idle - the rpm will fluctuate while holding holding the accelerator steady?

check you idle control valve it can cause those symptoms also your throttle positioning sensor

How do you change the idle on a 1988 Pontiac Fiero 2.5L 4 cylinder?

This is controlled by the computer. You can set the throttle opening to prevent wedging and sticking but this should not change the idle speed.

How do you reset the idle on a 1999 Mitsubishi Montero Sport 3.0 4-cylinder?

disconect the batery cable for 10 minutes, if that don't work take it to the dealer

Where is the idle control valve on a 98 Nissan altima?

underneath the intake manifold, bolted to the cylinder head.

Why does my car 1996 Hyundai Sonata shakes on idle?

Possible cylinder misfire and/or failing engine mounts.

What is the normal oil pressure of a 2000 jeep wrangler 4 cylinder with 130000 mi?

Minimum of 10 at idle when warm. 30 at idle and 50 at 3000 rpm would be ideal.

Is it normal fora Nissan xterra to idle at less than 1000 RPMs?

A typical 6 cylinder engine will idle at around 900 rpm, but they vary. My Isuzu has a 4 cylinder and idles at 750 normally ( more with the AC on). Before I knew what the idle speed was I sped it up a little to around 950 because it seemed to be smoother and the computer threw a code for idle out of range so I read my book and found the proper setting.

Is 60psi a good cylinder compression for a Chevy?

NO. That is to low. If it is a good tight engine it should have at least 150 PSI per cylinder. You can not have any more of difference then 15 LBS per cylinder are the engine will idle rough.

What is the timing for a 1989 Toyota Cressida 6-cylinder?

my service manual says 10 degrees before tdc on auto models with ac off idle @750

How do you tune a Honda xr 200 carburetor?

If your on the right side of the bike the carburetor is to the top left of the cylinder, there is a screw with a spring on it, tighten the screw to bring the idle up, loosen it to lower the idle

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