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What is an AK74?

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The AK74 is a gas-operated automatic rifle chambered in 5.45x39. The rifle has the distinctive look of the AK series with a curved detachable magazine, tall front sight and a pistol grip. The 74 stands for 1974, the year the rifle was officially accepted into service by the Soviet Army. Mass-production began in 1976. The AK74 is an updated version of the AKM, which was the modernized version of the original AK. The major change was the caliber switch from 7.62 to 5.45 along with some other minor tweaks for ease of manufacture and improved accuracy.

AK74 served as the basis for variants, such as the AK74S (folding stock), AKSU (short barrel), and many others. The newest iteration of the design is the AK-100 series. Despite it being accepted as the main service rifle for the Russian Federation armed forces the AK74 remains in service with many units.

Besides the Soviet Union and its successor states, the AK-74 was widely adopted by many Soviet client states and other nations, in particular users of the AK and the AKM, although not nearly as extensively as those rifles. Like the AK and the AKM, the AK-74 was copied both illicitly and under license.

Yugoslavia license built the weapon as the M80, and it was featured prominently among many of the armed forces operating in the country during the 1990s. It remains the service weapon for many of the former Yugoslav republics.

Semi-automatic variants of the AK-74 have gained in popularity with gun owners in the United States due to laws there restricting manufacture of machineguns for civilian use. Civilian rifles (and pistols) based on the Kalashnikov include a hodgepodge of features from various countries, even being available in 5.56 x 45 mm. Captured AK-74s and several variants thereof have also been used by the Mujahideen, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, and by Osama bin Laden and his subordinates in videos and interviews.

Value is around $300 to $500 depending on the buyer and what other assessories the weapons has to offer and how many times its been fired. A brand new one could be valued at close to a thousand dollars.

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Does an ak47 and an ak74 us the same ammo?

No. The AK47/AKM use the 7.62x39 M1943 cartridge. The ammo used by the AK74 is 5.45x39.5.

Is there any difference between AK47 and AK74 receviers?

yes the ak74 fires a 5.56x45 round the ak47 fires a 7.62x39 round

Is there a type of gun called Ak74?


Is the ak74 a machine gun?

no its a fast gun

Is there any difference between AK47 and AK74 recevier?


Is a ak74 better than a ak47 on black ops?

The ak74 is deffinetaly the better choice better rate of fire and better accuracy. However 1 bullet of the ak47 does more damage than 1 bullet of the ak74. So ak47 is mainly for hitpoints and ak 74 is better for fire rate and accuracy.

What is the value of a Romanian AK74?

$300 to $500 depending on condition and accessories.

How accurate is the ak74 rifle?

2-3 MOA at 100 meters

Which is better an M4 or an AK74?

M4 is more accurate and has better firer ergonomics. AK74 is more forgiving of abuse and thus is better suited for irregular troops and conscripts. So it really depends on who the operator is.

How many yards can an ak47 bullet go?

it is 300-400 yards. AK74 is 500 yards

How do you do i kill my brother My brother is beating me in call of duty and i wanted to know how to kill his character?

Get a stoner 63 or AK74 u and shoot him. If you know he is somewhere, throw a samtex at his direction. Mabye put a gernade launcher on the ak74 u. Hope u KA

Who made the ak-74?

The AK74 assault rifle is made in the Izhmash weapons plant in Izhevsk, Russia.

What are some good guns to use in crossfire?

Personally I think the M4A1 Crystal or the AK74 are the best guns on crossfire

Is engraved psg-1 the same stats as psg-1?

It is SLIGHTLY slighter. Same thing applies to the Golden Ak in contrast to the ak74 you can purchase; the Golden AK is simply a bit lighter (checked fact) than ak74, same power, same recoil, same accuracy, same everything.

How do you stop a male swan from attacking you?

Shoot it with a shotgun or: shoot it with a ak74 knife it dont go near the swans give it food :)

Do ak47 airsoft clips fit in ak74 airsoft gun?

if the clip or mag is labeled airsoft it will fit a real ak mag wont fit

Is ak74 bigger than ak47?

neither gun is bigger just the bullets are bigger...The AK-47 has7.62x39mm round.The AK-74has the 5.45x39mm round.

What is the difference between the Ak-47 and the AK-74?

The AK47 was made in caliber 7.62x39. The AK74 was designed much later, and uses the 5.45x39 cartridge.

What is the best sub machine gun in call of duty black ops?

I would have to say....... the ak74-u (ak47-u idk if its 47 or 74) with grip and suppresor

What store do they sell WELL airsoft guns?

dont buy guns from well they are made poorly save up your money for something nicer like the crossman ak74 from crossman at walmart

Is the a k47 still in service In the Russian army?

The Russian Army nowadays use mostly ak74 and ak103. They have a 5,45 caliber, as far as I remember. ak47 is also used but very rarely

What is the difference between an ak47 and ak74?

The AK-74 and AK-47 are both assault rifles that look identical, but the only difference is that the AK-74 is newer and uses different cartridges (ammunition).

How much would it cost to get a rail system on a ak74 air soft gun?

Depending on what you are trying to get. For a single rail, it costs about 10$, but if you don't have a rail mount, the mount with the rail costs about 25$.

Is the ak74 airsoft rifle automatic?

Depends if you buy an aeg or not. Although I don't believe they even manufacture spring AK47s. There is no set AK47 brand. there is at least one thousand different AK47s.

Ways of transferring the victim?

ONE MAN CARRY Feet Drag Carry in Arms or Lover's Carry Body Drag Collar Drag Pick-a-Back Carry Fireman Carry Blanket Drag By:[MTG]*AK74* Special Force