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Here's a very short history from AllPar: "Failing automakers Hudson and Nash merged their fortunes to become American Motors Corporation, hoping that they could reap some economies of scale. Eventually, due to slow sales for their overweight cars, they were bought by Renault, partly to increase Renault's sales in the US. Renault's attempt failed, and Chrysler, under 'buy and sell' Iaccoca, bought AMC. Iaccoca, for unknown reasons, dropped the AMC name, replacing it with Eagle."
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Q: What is an AMC car?
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The little car is an AMC Pacer

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AMC Gremlin

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It was AMC Pacer.

What kind of car does Robert DeNiro drive?

AMC Pacer

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Kia, GMC, AMC.

Is javelin the name of a model of car?

Yes, Javelin was a model of the company AMC. The AMC Javelin was made from 1967-1974.

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AMC Pacer

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A car name that starts with a j is a jaguar, the Javlin by AMC,

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AMC Gremlin

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Yes the Marlin was and is a great car. AMC had and still has a good rep for the workmanship and engineering. .

What brands of car starts with letter a?

Audi, Aston Martin, AMC, Acura, Avanti... I think AMC was bought by Renault and Avanti is no longer in business.

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It was a 1973 AMC Pacer.

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AMC Gremlin

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audi, auston martin, arrow, amc

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The AMC Pacer X or the Gremlin. These two cars nailed AMC's coffin shut. -Evil Tim TX226

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The only bubble car I can think of is the Pacer made by AMC (American Motors Corp).

Is there a car that starts with an A?

Audu, Audi, Auburn, AMC (American Motors Corporation),

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American Motors Corp. (AMC)

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The Pacer had no equivalent, it was in a class all by itself

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The AMC Gremin is a 2 door, front engine rear wheel drive subcompact economy car that was build from 1970 to 1978 by American Motors Corporation. The AMC Gremlin was also used as a base model for the testing of alternative fuel sources in cars such as electric models, hydrogen models and other non-petroleum based fuel models.

What is a 1964 amc rambler worth?

Check Hemmings Motor No such car. It would have to be either an AMC or a Rambler. AMC didn't come into the picture until 1966. That car would be a Rambler and there are many models and body styles possible and it is all about condition. This site can help you,

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There's a old car manufacturer called AMC (American Motor Company) (of Pacer and Gremlin fame) that had a car named the AMBASSADOR.

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for those of you who are counting / keeping score the car that Em drives in adventureland is the AMC Pacer.