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Q: What is an ARM port?
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Contraindication for taking blood pressure in right arm?

When there's a port or shunt in the arm blood pressure is contraindicated on that arm.

What would cause someone who has a large port-wine stain birthmark on their arm also have a 2 and a half inch difference in the girth of that arm but not of the normal arm?

The difference in size is due to the increased blood supply to the arm with the port wine stain. The port wine stain is a vascular birthmark. Increased blood flow sometimes causes hypertrophy, or overgrowth, of the surrounding and affected tissues.

What does carriage of the arm mean in French for Ballet?

"Port de bras" - carriage of the arms.

Where is the AC recharge port located on 1995 Buick Skylark?

AC recharge port. is arms length down the left front of car on top of evaporaterator has a blue cap. Is very hard to reach your arm between the radiator and the motor to reach this port. You should get an extention for the recharge hose. I burnt my arm because you have to have the car running to actually put the 134a in.

1998 Volvo s70 sedan Where is the obd2 connector?

open the arm rest and there is a little cover that says OBD-II just pop it open and the port is right there open the arm rest and there is a little cover that says OBD-II just pop it open and the port is right there

Where is the aux in a Mazda cx9?

The AUX port is located inside the front center arm rest console.

Why is port wine passed to the left?

I was told by a French History teacher that it was in honour of Nelson who. without a right arm, could use his left arm to fill the glass of the person on his left, and not be embarrassed about trying to fill his own glass. The same teacher says that the French navy still pass the port to the right, not in honour of Nelson!

In the Navy what is the difference between left and right arm rates?

In the old navy there were two different answers. The first is that the Starboard watch wore there rate on their right arm and the port or larboard watch on their left. Later it was changed to the Seaman rates wore theirs on their right arm and all others on their left.

Where is valve to charge ac on 2000 impala?

The service port is by the Firewall, just below the Passenger's Side Windshield Wiper Arm Shaft.....

What is the use of tiller arm key in rudder stock?

A tiller arm is a tool to convert the axial motion of a piston into rotary motion of the rudder stock. Therefore, the design of the steering gears comprise a piston, which is moved by an hydraulic power unit in one axis back and forth, connected to the tiller arm. The tiller arm rotates the stock in starboard and port direction by the movement of the hydraulic piston.

Where is the low side fitting on a 2002 impala?

The A/C low side service port is by the Firewall, just below the Passenger's Side Windshield Wiper Arm.....

What is a port city on the Red Sea in Egypt that begins with the letter T?

Taba, Egypt fits the requirements, although it is technically on the Gulf of Aqabah, which is an arm of the Red Sea.

Where is the Port Arthur historic site located?

The former convict colony and settlement is located in SW Tasmania on the Tasman Peninsula, on the shore of Carnavon Bay (northern arm of Maingon Bay).

List of Russian ports?

Some of the major ports of the Russian Federation are as follows: Port of Azov Port of Kaliningrad Port of Saint Petersburg Port of Vostochny Port of Murmansk Port of Nakhodka Port of Novorossiysk Port of Taganrog Port of Tuapse Port of Vladivostok Port of Archangelsk Siberia Port of Vyborg

What is the definition of fistula ligation?

A fistula is the "port" that is created to administer dialysis (for those with kidney disease whose kidneys cannot, for whatever reason, filter out the blood properly)-and the "ligation" of a fistula is the tying off of that "port", to put it at the lowest level, when it can no longer be used, to create another fistula in another part of the arm. There are different ways to do this.

What is PORT name any two PORT?

USB port, serial port, parallel port.

What is in and out on PC?

An 'in' port is a male port, but a 'out' port is a female port

Did Justin Bieber break his foot or arm while dancing?

arm arm arm arm

What are the different computer ports?

Well, you have to AC adapter and Power port, VGA port, DVI port, DIN connector, Male port, Female port, D-shell connector, USB port, FireWire port (IEEE 1394 port), Parallel port, and Serial port.hope this help.

What cities start with port?

There are many Ex. Port Au Prince, Port St. Lucie, Port Canaveral, Port Charlotte, Portland Port Angeles

When boats are heading towards each other which way do they pass is it port to port or starboard to starboard?

Port to port is the preferred method passage in most cases, however it is not always possible or practical. Also in crossing situations it maybe unsafe to arrange a port to port passage. I have seen plenty of acceptable starboard to starboard passages.

What is the song playing when edward is sucking the venom out of Bella's arm?

The song is 'Let Me Sign' which Robert Pattinson actually sings - you can youtube it. He also sang 'Never Think' which plays in the restaurant scene after he rescues Bella in Port Angeles.

Which is the largest port in Saudi Arabia Jeddah Port or jubail port?

Jubail Port

Give you a sentence using the word port?

He transported a cargo of Port from port to port.

Give the service and protocol for the following ports port 21 port 25 port 80 and port 110?

port 21 FTP port 25 E-mail SMTP port 80 web server HTTP port 110 E-mail POP3