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It's a modern presidential dollar, minted in 2010, and is worth exactly one dollar.

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How much are mint condition Abraham Lincoln 1 dollar coins worth?

They're extremely common, still worth one dollar.

What is a Lincoln silver dollar worth?

The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial silver dollar was struck in Proof and Uncirculated versions. Both are valued the same at $29.00

How much is an Abraham Lincoln US dollar coin worth?

Unless it's a proof coin it's just a dollar.

What is the value of an Abraham Lincoln gold dollar dated 1861 1865?

It's a 2010 presidential dollar coin, and it's worth one dollar. 1861-65 were the years Lincoln was in office.

What is the value of the Abraham Lincoln coin worth?

Abraham Lincoln is on every United States penny. The value of an Abraham Lincoln coin is worth one penny or more depending on the year, rarity, and condition.

1963 Lincoln half dollar value?

There is no such coin. Look at your Lincoln CENTS to see a picture of Abraham Lincoln. Halves minted in 1963 carry a portrait of Ben Franklin. They're worth about $6.

What is the value of a dollar gold coin with Abraham Lincoln on it?

Unless it is a proof or special coin, it is worth $1.00 USD.It is a Presidential series dollar coin (brass), and the date (2010) can be found on the edge.One dollar.

How much is a embosed print of Abraham Lincoln worth?

It is hard to say what an embossed print of Abraham Lincoln would be worth. It would depend on the condition and the collectibility of the print.

Why is Abraham Lincoln worth knowing about?

Abe Lincoln is worth knowing about because he had a cool top hat and a massive beard.

What is the Value of an Abraham Lincoln Golden dollar?

Not gold but brass. It is only worth face value unless they have the mintmark "S". The mintmark is located on the rim of the coin.

How much is a Lincoln half dollar worth?

Post new question with a date. Lincoln has never been on a half dollar.

How much is a 1900 Abraham Lincoln penny worth?

Check that date again. Lincoln wasn't on the penny until 1909.

How much is a penny worth with Abraham Lincoln on it?

Lincoln has been on the penny since 1909. The value depends on the date and condition.

When did they put Abraham Lincoln standing on the back of penny?

I have a penny with Abe Lincoln standing in front of a building how do you think it's worth

Which 5 dollar bill is worth money?

The American one with President Abraham Lincoln's portrait on is worth $5.00, five dollars.

How much is an 1865 Abraham Lincoln coin worth?

I sold one on e bay for a cool million

What is the value of a 5 bill printed 1995 with Lincoln on it?

The value of a $5 bill, printed in 1995 with Abraham Lincoln on it, is worth $5. A bill from 1995 is not old enough to be worth anymore than the face value.

What are the value of coins with his likeness?

A penny, with Abraham Lincoln's likeness, is worth one cent, or .01 of a dollar. A nickel, with Thomas Jefferson's likeness, is worth five cents, or .05 of a dollar. A dime, with Franklin Delano Roosevelt's likeness, is worth ten cents, or .10 of a dollar. A quarter, with George Washington's likeness, is worth twenty-five cents, or .25 of a dollar.

What is a 1966 penny worth?

The penny is worth 1 cent and has Abraham Lincoln on the front of it. As of June 2014, a 1966 penny is worth $0.20 in poor condition and $0.55 in perfect condition.

What is a 1937 us penny worth?

1937 is not a rare date for Lincoln cents. In circulated condition, it's worth about 3 cents. A nice uncirculated one is worth about a dollar.

What business man helped fund for Abraham Lincoln the costs involved with the debates between Lincoln and Stephen Douglas in 1858?

At the time, a donation of $1,000 helped Abraham Lincoln with the costs of the famed debates between Lincol and Douglas. It is worth while to point out that in 1858, $1,000 was a good deal of money.

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