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American Gun Co. 410

This depends on the condition, but if it's broken, rusty, or just plain used, $50 or less. If it's in near mint condition, it could go up to $400. Most in "average" condition will go for $200-$250. If it were a larger gauge it would only bring about half as much, but 410's seem to be popular right now.

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Q: What is an American Gun Company 410 double barrel shotgun with exposed hammers worth?
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What is the American gun company double barrel shotgun serial no 362989 worth?

When was it made and how is it worth - American Gun Co., New York - Double barrel exposed, 12 guage exposed hammers and 31 3/4" barrels. Serial Number 362989?

Where can you find information about an HSB Company shotgun with a rooster that says RUSO? I am asking anyone if they can tell me the value of my H.S.B. company double barreled shotgun with a brown finish and has a rooster with exposed hammers and has a rooster accompanied with H.S. and B company chicargo?

I have American Gun Co 410 double barrel shotgun with exposed hammers sierl number 6828 in good condition wood like to sell how mutch and were?

it is worthless

What is the value of a double barrel shotgun serial number 95348 with exposed hammers?

If it is marked 'American Gun Company' on the sideplate, it would be worth $200 tops. Primarily considered as a mantle decoration and unsafe to shoot with modern ammunition.

What is an American gun company 12 gauge double barrell shotgun with hammers worth serial 69587?

Value seldom exceeds 100 USD

What is the value of an Eclipse double barrel shotgun with double triggers and exposed hammers and the date 1896 scratched into the bottom of the receiver?

50-100 USD

What is value T C Montgomery double barrel exposed hammers?

The T C Montgomery double barrel shotgun with double barrel hammers is valued at $75 in fait condition. In good condition its valued at $160.

Where can you find info on old shotgun?

Great grandpa's Powell shotgun. dbl.barrel, side by side, exposed hammers, 12 ga. thinking it may be late 1800's. Have pictures. Not selling, just want to know all I can.

Who manufactured a 12 gauge shotgun with exposed hammers marked AMR EMF SA CA Spain A R A L 12-76?

Armas ARAL, which is still in business.

What is the year of an American Gun Co of New York double barrel shotgun with exposed hammers serial 142314?

Your shotgun was actually made by the crescent firearms company,and distributed by H&D Folsum Co.These shotguns are currently priced at between 140-240 dollars,whether they have a hammer or hammerless configuration,and whether they have a damascus,or steel barrels.These shotguns were made roughly between the years 1895-1925.

Where can you find information on a Bridge Gun Company 12 gauge 30 inch double barreled shotgun with exposed hammers and the inscription on the rib belgium laminated steel?

Most like a utility grade store brand shotgun made at the turn of the century or there about. Try internet searches, the library, gun shows, gun shops.

Where can you get a barrel for a Parker bros shotgun with hammers?


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