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What is an Cars A frame?

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Are you sure you mean the 'A-Frame', or do you mean the 'A-Pillar'?

The frame of the car supports the door pillars and the roof. It supports the roof on two or three pillars depending on whether the car is a two door or a four door.

Immediately after the hood (bonnet), the A-Pillar supports the hinges for the front doors and the windshield (windscreen). The B-Pillar supports the pin that secures the front door locks and the hinges for the rear doors (if fitted). The C-Pillar supports the pin that secures the the rear door locks (if fitted) and the rear window. Each pillar is identified by the side on which it is found (driver side / passenger side) and the the pillar location: ex. Driver's A-Pillar or Passenger B-Pillar.

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Where is the frame on a 2000 Camry?

there is no steal frame- its called a sub frame its not like the old cars or trucks

What is a smart cars' frame made out of?


What is a Racing cars protective frame called?

Roll Cage?

What is a shassy on a car?

a shassy is spelled chassis a chassis is the frame that cars are built on most modern cars do not have a chassis,they have a sub frame pickups have a chassis an example would be this if you removed the cab and bed from a pickup you would be left with a frame sitting on suspension and wheels ,with engine and gearbox this frame is the chassis

Is a car's body a frame or a shell structure?

Almost all cars built today are built on, what is called, a unibody chassis. This incorporates the frame and body into one unit. You could call it a shell. There are still some cars using the body on frame method of production. Almost all trucks are body on frame.

Are insurance companies responsible for re certifying cars after frame damage?


Why do they call the drag racing cars funny cars?

Funny cars are a certain class of cars. They are the ones that the body lifts up on exposing the drive train, frame, and driver. No doors.

What cars and trucks have a frame?

***every vehicle has a frame if it didnt it would fall a part*** Not entirely true..... in the early 80s almost all automakers started making cars with Uni-bodys- meaning that the frame was built into the car. while trucks and SUVs have a true frame because the body can be lifted off and it is still a rolling chassis so yeah is some shape or form all vehicles have a frame however there are just different kinds!

What technical methods do researchers and developers now use to study the performance of cars?

they use computerized tires that calibrate the tork and airflow of the cars frame.

What is the cost of repairing a bent frame on a 1987 Dodge Daytona?

more than the cars worth

Is the 1979 Camaro frame the same as 1979 caprice?

No, they're 2 totally different cars

What is unitized frame?

this is the modern form of construction made in all cars and lighter commercial vehicles

How do you reinforce a 1970 Chevelle frame?

It is a full frame vehicle, so, the usual frame connectors used on sub frame cars, are not needed. When you put a 6 point, or more cage in it, you can tie the frame together with this. Weld the cage to the frame, not the floorboards. Also, ladder bars require a rear crossmember, that will help make it more rigid, as well.

What is an engine chassis?

The term chassis means the frame plus the "running gear" like engine, transmission, drive shaft, differential, and suspension. That's what we meant when describing older cars that actually had a full frame. Since a lot of new cars are now unibody construction, you could call the front portion of frame which connects to the rest of the body an "engine chassis". Or, if you will, a frame work which supports the engine.

What does frame off restoration mean?

A frame off restoration means to remove the upper body of the car from the under carriage(frame). The phrase is usually used in connection with older full framed cars but still means the same on cars with subframes. A frame off restoration is incredibly time consuming and expensive but is the only way to correctly and fully restore a classic like a 442, GTO, Chevelle etc...

Sunbird GT frame is rusting out is it garbage now?

Almost all passenger cars lately have a unibody frame which means that the underbody frame is integrated into the body. Repairs can be made to sections of the frame to lengthen the vehicles life but once it has lost its structural integrity it is no longer safe.

What is a good demolition derby car?

I like full frame cars with leaf springs. Seem to help the frame fold up rather than down. If the frame goes down wheels come up and UR done.

What other gm cars use the same frame as a 1979 Chevy elcamino?

the 1979 el camino shares the frame with the 79 Malibu wagon and Malibu classic.I believe you can also use the 80 to 87 frame under the 79, but you cannot use the 78 frame under a 79 as it is a few inches longer. this is because Chevy used the Impala frame through 78 and then in 79 they switched to the Malibu frame.

Is a car made of metal?

not entirely...but most cars have a lot of metal on them, including most of the powertrain, frame, suspension and body

What are examples of man made frame structures?

Frame works exaple like a building or a igloo somthing that a human has made cars, houses, tall buildings, trees, spider webs, bicycles and many more.

How do they make cars in different colors?

Cars are painted during the manufacturing process, but before final assembly. Once the metal frame of the car has been built, it is sent to a paint shop in the factory. The frame is then painted one of the colors offered for that model. What color the frame is painted, as well as how many will be painted in this color, are determined by the manufacturer. Doors, hoods, trunk lids, and other pieces not part of the frame are painted separately. These pieces are all put together in final assembly, as well as adding the interior.

What is body-over-frame construction?

there are three types of car construction: 1)body over frame 2)monocoque 3)spaceframe in body over frame there is a separate body and a chassy..all the powertrain components including the engine are found in the chassy and the body is fastened over monocoque there is a single body unit no separate body and chassy eg.small cars...spaceframe structure is used in race cars..

Will the frame off of a thunderbird sc coupe fit under a 1935 ford sedan?

T-Bird SC are unibody cars...........

What holds the bottom of a cars up?

The vehicle is made of one big piece of metal so floors are attached to the frame of your vehicle.

Are the push bars on crown vic police cars mounted to the frame?

Yes they are, the side is tied to the bumber but the big bars going up and down in the front sre tied to the frame. This is the heaviest and stronger part of the pushbar

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