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An ESA-protected ROM file is basically a ROM file protected by the ESA: the Entertainment Software Association. This is a large group of many developers and publishers. The ESA are in charge of many things, such as international anti-piracy actions. If you don't want to get into any trouble, don't download them.

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Q: What is an ESA protected ROM file?
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Are ROMs not protected by the ESA legal?

"ESA protection" means that the company that published the game is a member of the ESA. The ESA actively pursues those who host illegal copies of member's games. Not being covered by the ESA does not mean that the ROM can be legally downloaded, just that the ESA does not enforce copyright on that game. The company that published the game (if still in business) can still enforce their copyright and sue both hosters and downloaders ofthe ROM image.

Where can you play Kirby 64 without downloading it?

There isn't really any place that you could play it to my knowledge unless of course you found a ROM that wasn't protected by the ESA.

How do you play a Pokemon ROM?

You have to have an emulator, i recommend VisualBoy Advance, after the emulator is opened, press file, open, select the file the ROM is in, and from there, load the ROM

What is NDS file?

A Nintendo DS ROM file.

Does anyone know how to save Pokemon chaos black on vba ROM?

Click on File, then Save, and make a file for your save. Every time you turn on the ROM, you'll click on File, then Load, and open your save file.

Does ROM contains any type of file?

No. it does not.

Which of the following types of memory contain data that cannot be modified by the user?

Pick one: ROM, PROM, EPROM write-protected magnetic disk/tape, CD-ROM, DVD-R write-protected partition/file, other user's or sysadmin's file code-segment, read-only data-segment, other user's or kernel's code- or data-segment

Which file system does Windows 2000 support for the CD-ROM File System?

CDFS CD Rom File System is relatively simple format defined as the read only formatting standards for cdrom media.

What is the type of file system used in CD-ROM?

VFAT File system......... Virtual File Allocation Table.

How a file is protected?


How do you save a file on a CD ROM?

You can't, a CD-ROM has already been authored and you can't change the contents.

How do you get sprites from video games?

First, you need an emulator, then you need a ROM file for the game you want, boot up the ROM file and take screenshots of all the different sprites you need.

Can you use an existing saved file on a new GBA ROM?

Yes, you can use an existing save file on a new GBA ROM as long as they share the same title and are for the same game.

What is environmentally sensitive area?

ESA are the important zones to be protected by government acts...the ESA may be rich in natural vegetation, river basins , endemic species rich zone,heritage site or historical site, in order to protect these area from human exploitation and from extinction , ESA's are declared and strictly conserved..

How do you put a SMW rom hack online?

Make it an IPS file, then upload it to a file hoasting site.

How do you play NDS emulator games on your computuer?

The games are ROM files, the emulator is the virtual game system. If you have the NDS emulator, you need to acquire the ROM files you want to play as well... Normally, there is an option to open a file in the emulators menu. Select the ROM file you wish to play from the file browser and you should be able to play

How do you open a RAR file which is password protected?

Run the file, and type in the password

Can a CD rom hold an mv4 file?

Yes, there's no real reason to believe a CD rom would be unable to hold a file in certain formats, all formats are digital in nature on a computer, stored in a binary format, and copied as such onto a CD ROM when it is mastered.

How do you download Digimon ruby gba?

You just go to the right link and click download and run or save both side and it will start downloading the rom you need the NO$gba to play it not only no$gba and you click in rom and click extract here then you open no$gba and click on the rom that is the rom not the one you download its the file of the rom you just click the file that is the other side of it right and start play enjoy :)

How do you open a v64 file?

A .v64 file is a Nintendo 64 rom. I would recommend using a program called Project 64 to open it. A .v64 file is a Nintendo 64 rom. I would recommend using a program called Project 64 to open it.

What is the best program to run old amiga rom's through my PC im using xp and trying to run an ADZ file?

Get win UAE. Then you can use the kick ROM to emulate the model that the kick ROM is from(500, 1200 etc..), and then you can use the .adz file as if it was a floppy disk.

How do you put Pokemon Platinum save file into your computer ROM?


How do you remove a file from your computer if it is protected?

you dont

How do you check what country your gba rom is from?

The only way that I know of is to check in the ROM file name (if it has (U) in it, it would be USA, and (J) for Japan).

What is the difference between ROM and BIOS?

A ROM is a copy of a game downloadable online. A BIOS is a file used to make an emulator work properly.

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