What is an Eastern Arms 12 gauge shotgun worth?

Eastern Arms was a trade name used by Sears Roebuck on firearms from a variety of manufacturers. The 94-A would be a Savage single shot. You can check the choke on a 12 guage with a dime. If the muzzle opening is larger = No choke; about the same size = Modified; dime is larger = Full.


I have had my Eastern Arms 12 Guage since I was 10 years old. It has been passed down from my grandfather to my father and then to me. My grandfather bought the shotgun back in the 1900's. It still fires and has one heck of a kick. You have just refurbished possibly one of the best single shot shotguns I have ever had the pleasure of owning.

Some unique features of my 12 guage are that it is a Goose Gun. It has a 42" barrel and is chambered for 2 3/4" shells. It also has the letters and numbers 94-B located near the trigger guard.

I have shot many a bird with this old gun. I do not know how many pheasants my grandfather and father have killed with it. My father grew up in Iowa and hunted pheasants reguarly with the old gun. I plan on keeping it in my family for generations to come. I guess I kind of would like to know how much the gun is worth. Although I would never sell it, I still would like to know. I hope this has helped shed some light on your gun. Please respond.


Fortunately, these old shotguns have little economic value, usually less than $75. That reduces the temptation to part with a family heirloom for cash and regreting that decision later.