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HO is a gauge (scale) for model trains. The name HO comes from the fact that it represents a reduction of half from the earlier O gauge ("Half O"), which was more popular in Europe. The ratio for HO gauge equipment is 1:87 which means that the HO tracks are 16.5mm apart, or 1/87th of a standard train track (1435mm). In Europe, an almost exactly the same scale is called OO (pronounced "Double O"), even though it is much closer to half of O scale than double it (it is actually called "Double O" because there are two O's (OO) in the scale name).

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Q: What is an HO model train?
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Is HO the most popular model train scale?

Yes, HO is the most popular model train scale. Due to it's small size but not too small it is number 1.

Where can one purchase HO scale model trains?

HO scale model trains can be purchased at hobby stores such as Hobbytown USA or from specialty stores such as Model Train Stuff. Used HO scale model trains can be found on websites such as eBay and Amazon.

Do you need HO gauge track to run a HO gauge train?

Yes, HO track is needed to operate an HO train.

Where can you get HO trains?

Most model train and hobby stores sell HO trains, but it's still a good idea to find out in advance if a certain store you're heading to sells HO. This can be done by going to the store's website, which will most likely tell what model train gauges (sizes) it sells. Besides stores, there is an abundance of HO trains available online.

What is s model train?

S model train is the scale - S scale (Just a FYI, scale is the size of the train) S scale is 3/16 inch to the foot, sort of half way between O gauge and HO.

Will any model train fit on any track?

No. There are many different scales, or gauges, of model trains. For example, an N scale train would be too small to fit on HO scale track.

What is the HO Scale used for?

The HO scale is used for measuring when it comes to model trains. Originally there was the O scale, or O gauge. When train models went to an even smaller size they created the HO scale to measure them.

What was the H O Railroad?

HO railroad is a scale of a model train. I don't think it refers to a real railroad company.

How far is an ho scale train mile?

A mile in HO scale is about 60.5 Ft.

What WWE superstar had the Ho train?

The Godfather.

Can you run any ho gauge engine on ho track or just the track that it came with it?

Every ho scale train I have had worked on any ho scale track.

When operating a model train does it have friction?

Yes an operating model train has friction.

When and where was the first model train built?

In 1837 build the first model train in Denmark.

How did model train scales get their letters?

The O gauge was a zero - and so "smaller" than 1 gauge. HO was "supposed" to be "half-O" but not quite. In the 1940's there was quite a battle over what scale HO should be, and you'll note that British HO runs on HO tracks but is bigger than US HO. S was supposed to stand for "standard" - but nobody but Gilbert used it. Smaller than HO was another fight ... but I never followed it.

How much cm is a ho scale train set?


Can you paint a HO scale undecorated train?

yes u can

Do they make street cars for a ho scale train?


What is the fastest model train?

The fastest train is the well-known magnet train.

Are Athearn model train sets worth more than Lionel train sets?

Athearn model train sets are not necessarily worth more than Lionel train sets. The value of a train set depends on it's age as well as the model of the set.

Can you use any ho transformer for a ho train set?

As long as the transformer is capable of 12 Volts DC output, you can use any transformer with HO scale equipment.

Any information on a Lionel cannonball train set?

Lionel cannonball train set is an antique model train collectibles. I think it is at least around 165 to 1970 model train set.

How large are the tracks used for HO scale trains?

The HO scale trains use a 3.5mm to 1 real foot ratio which works out to be about 1:87:1 and is the most popular scale for model railways in the world. A train for this type of track would have 16.5mm (0.650in) tracks.

What is the fractional equivalent to model railroad HO scale?

According to the NMRA (National Model Railroading Association), HO Scale is 1:87.1. That is, if the real thing were 87.1 inches long, the model would be 1 inch.

How long do you have to train to be a model?

You have to train a very long time to be a model. You must practice constantly. And never give up!

A model train engine is 12 centimeters long the actual train is 18 meters long what is the scale of the model?