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What is an ISO file?

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An iso file is many or just 1 file packed into a ISO file.
So easy for burning to a DVD/CD!
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How do you convert rar to iso?

RAR and ISO are forms of file compression formats. In order to convert a RAR file to ISO file, one needs to first extract the contents of the RAR into a folder. After this, use ISO creating softwares such as Power ISO or Brasero to convert the folder contents into one ISO file.

How do you convert rar file to iso?

You extract the .rar file using WinRAR and get the .iso from it.

How do you edit xbox 360 games iso call of duty black ops?

You can not edit games on a xbox 360 with a ISO file format. Even if you did edit the ISO file, you will need to mod your xbox to play a ISO file.

How do you check the integrity of an ISO file?

To check the integrity of the an ISO file you will need to open command prompt. Once in command prompt type in: c:\> fciv , and the iso file name.

Which layer of OSI ISO protocol compress the file?

Which layer of OSI ISO protocol compress the file?

How do you play an ISO file on the PSP?

open your memory card or plug in the usb connector then copy your ISO file/game to the ISO folder in the memory card.

Any virus infect hard disk store iso file?

ISO file cannot be infected by virus

Is an ISO file the same as a bootable CD?

No. An ISO image is a copy of the file system of any disc with an ISO9660 file system. It does not have to be a bootable image.

What is the full form of iso in computer?

It stands for International Organisation for Standardization (or the incorrect form: International Standards organisation) the .ISO file type refers to ISO 9660, a standard for DVD and CD file formats, standardized by the ISO, therefore it is .ISO

What is the fullform of ISO-?

If you are referring to ISO as in an image file, there is no full form of that abbreviation.

How can you run an iso file?

Normally these are handled by the burner softwares. You may use Magic ISO or ISO Burner.

How do I convert .png file to .iso file?

You cannot and such a conversion would make no sense.a .png is a type of graphics file, it contains one"drawing"an .iso is a file containing a copy of a complete CD or DVD, including the directory, track structure, files, etc.There is not enough information in a .png file to be able to convert it to a .iso file. However if you just want to create an .iso file containing one .png file, there is probably CD or DVD burning software that will allow you to create an .iso file of the contents you want to "burn" to the CD or DVD and just not perform the physical "burn" but keep the .iso file. But it seems like a big waste of time and space as the .iso file will be many times larger than the original single .png file.

How do you crack an ISO file password?

First of all a password protected ISO file is actually a compressed ISO file protected with a password. The result of this action will generate an UIF file. The only way of decompressing this file is again specifying the password during the process. There are currently no programs available that can guess the password.

What is dot iso file?

An ISO file, often called an ISO image is an "image" of an entire CD, DVD, or BD. The entire contents of a disc can be perfectly represented in a single ISO file.You can think of an ISO file like a box that holds all the parts to something that needs built - like a child's toy you might buy that requires assembly. The box that the toy pieces come in does you no good as an actual toy but the contents inside of it, once taken out and put together, become what you're actually wanting to use.An ISO file is the same way. The file itself is no good unless it can be opened, assembled, and used. The most common way to make use of an ISO file is toburn the ISO file to a CD, DVD, or BD disc. It's a different process than burning a bunch of music or document files to a disc because your CD/DVD/BD burning software must "assemble" the contents of the ISO file onto the disc.ISO image files are often used to distribute large programs over the Internet due to the fact that all of the program's files can be neatly contained as a single file - the ISO file.ISO images end in the file extension ISO. For example, the free Ophcrack password recovery tool (which contains an entire operating system and several pieces of software) is downloaded as the ophcrack-vista-livecd-2.0.iso file.If you don't want to actually burn an ISO file to a disc, most compression/decompression software programs, like 7-Zip or WinZip, can extract the contents of an ISO file to a folder.Also Known As: ISO imageExamples:"I downloaded an ISO file from a torrent site (it was legal, don't worry) and tried to burn it to a DVD but it wouldn't do anything after that. I finally realized that I had to 'burn the image' with by burning software, not just stick the file on the CD."

How do you play an iso file?

Burn it using NERO to a CD/DVD. Now you can use it. If you are using an ISO file of game then use a PlayStation emulator

How do you convert rar file to magic iso document?

extract first then make .iso image

I have downloaded kingdom hearts 2 for PS2 but there is no ISO file just an IMG file how do i burn the IMG file to work or how do i change it to an ISO file so i can burn it to play it on my PS2?

To play it on PS2, you buy the game.

How do you make boot CD from ISO file?

You need an iso burner like this one:

Can an ISO file be converted to Windows format?


Can you play an iso file on media player?

An ISO image is an archive file (also known as a disc image) of an optical disc in a format defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO file can not be played on a media player unless you use some other software mount the disc and then run the content (if possible) just like a CD.

How do you install sims 2 using magic iso?

Mount the disc image file (.iso) of the game using magic iso, start with the first disc if there is more than one, then autorun should start. Magic iso is a virtual disc drive, so when using it treat the iso file like a real disc.

How do you run a program that requires a disk from an ISO file?

Use a program such as Daemon Tools to mount the ISO as a CD

Which file format became ISO 32000 standard?

ISO 32000 standardizes the PDF (Portable Document Format)

How to play torrent games?

You do not play a torrent. You download a torrent using a torrent client. Then once it downloads it will most likely be in a archive or .iso file. Extract the archive or mount the .iso. In the archive, if there is an .iso file, mount it, if there is a installer, run it.

How do you get iso on PSP?

iso is a file name so do u mean the iso folder or a iso game matter the iso folder can u get with custom firemware iso games can be downloaded from examlpe pirate buy but u need custom firemware or flashed psp