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The little shot gun is worth Appx. 500 dollars You know, when you offer a price range on a gun, it should always be stated that the value also depends on how much an individual wants the piece. I would give a considerable amount more than $500.00 if I found the right model 200E in really great condition. I would hate to talk someone out of a piece because "someone" said it was only worth ????whatever? Remember to consider how much you want the piece. If it's the piece you've been looking for, be careful not to let $50.00 or $100.00 dollars stand between you and what you want. Those "little" guns are great for long walks in the field and have a rep. of being tough and dependable. I have one and wouldn't even think of letting it go for less than $900.00

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Q: What is an Ithaca model 200E side by side 3 inch 20 gauge worth?
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Value of an Ithaca Gun Company Model 200E 12 Gauge 2 34 double SKG barrel shotgun serial?

mint condition~ $950 to $1150

What is the value of an Ithaca 200E 20 gauge 3 magnum side-by-side shotgun in good condition?

$800 to $1000 depending on the condition.

What does a 200E double barrel side by Ithaca look like?


What is the value of a field grade 2 3-4 inch 12 gauge Ithaca SKB Model 200E double barrel with 30 inch barrels in good condition?

What is the value of a Ithaca series 200E double barrel 20 gauge shotgun made in japan?

Monitor for comparables. If in very good condition it would probably sell for $500-$600 or so.

What is the weight of a 200E 20 gauge with 25 inch barrels?

Loaded? Unloaded? Wood or synthetic stock? Any accessories on/in it?

What is an Ithaca 200E worth?

It depends on the version and condition. They range from about $800 to $1500. The most valuable seems to be the 20ga. S/S (Single/selective trigger) version. Chokes also make a difference most want the mod/improved for hunting but the skeet is great for grouse/quail and of course skeet shooting.

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