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What is an MP3 player?


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An MP3 player is a device that uses the MP3 compression algorithim to store music on a hard drive or flash memory chip for playback later. It is kind of like a cassette tape player, except that it can not play cd's.

i have a mp3 player and a iPod touch 3g i like the 3g ipod touch better
MP3 is the abbreviation of the popular music format (Motion Picture Experts Group) MPEG Audio Layer 3. MP3 players are usually portable devices with the main purpose of playing music files, such as MP3's. Most have flash storage, some have hard drives such as the iPod Classic.


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A Walkman mp3 player is an mp3 player developed by Sony.

Yeah its an MP3 player

You get the MP3 Player from gems.

a mp3 player form is were you can download your favorite song from the computer to the mp3.

Yes, mp3 player portable speakers hook up to any mp3 player. This is because mp3 player portable speakers hook up to an mp3 player's headphone jack, and all mp3 players have headphone jacks.

if your mp3 player froze what do u do?

i won't send an mp3 to fm without a transmitter and mp3 player.

you cant, it is an mp3 player sorry. --------------------------------------------WBJB-------------------------------------------------- However, if you have a sansa MP3 player, then you pop in the CD into the computer, connect Sansa to the computer, rip it from Media Player to your MP3 player.

You would say "Mp3 Player" in French by saying "Lecteur mp3".

An iPod is an MP3 player. Is that true?

Yes, certain mp3 players do have a flash drive. It would depend on which model of mp3 player you purchased as to if that mp3 player does have a flash drive.

The songs are on the drive, not the MP3 player. If you unplug the drive the MP3 player won't see the songs.

Usually MP3 player does not contain any any data. MP3 file may link with Player.

In order to get songs from the computer to a mp3 player, you simply need to hook up the mp3 player to the computer with the chord that came with the mp3 player. After that, you select the songs that you want to transfer, and then eject the player.

There are many different ways to download an mp3 players. A person can download an mp3 player, through a computer technician. They can also download an mp3 player on their own.

The rectangular slot on the mp3 player.

Yes, the Nokia 2720 does have an mp3 player.

how do you transfar videos to mp3 player

No, but it might depend on the mp3 player...most of them won´t erase it

I don't think we can access internet from mp3 there is no relaion between and mp3 player or internet

It is a speaker for mp3 player to play music loud.

With every mp3 player, a USB cable always comes with it. You need to first plug your USB into your mp3 player and connect it to your computer or your laptop. Then on your mp3 player, you should see a light appaer on it. Leave the mp3 on charge for at least 3 hours. that is how you charge your Technika mp3 player. hopes it helps :D

The iPod touch is both an mp4 and an mp3 player.

The most portable mp3 player is Philips SA1929/37 2 GB Flash Audio MP3 Player.

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