What is an Ocean Liner?

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Like the airliner carries passengers to different places; the ocean liner is a ship, that carries passengers to different places, over the ocean.
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What is the bulge below the waterline of an ocean liner called and what is its use?

Answer . From the "Bulbous Bow" entry in Wikipedia: . A bulbous bow , a feature of many modern ship hulls, is a protruding bulb at the bow (or front) below the waterline. Usually visible only when a ship is in drydock, the bulb modifies how water flows around the hull, reducing drag and incre ( Full Answer )

How long does it take to cross the Atlantic in an ocean liner?

Cunard's Queen Mary 2 (QM2) has transatlantic crossings from New York to Southampton from April until October; the QE2 will also make a few crossings in April. The voyages are for 6 days -- but, the ship departs from New York (or Southampton) at 5 pm, so technically, the crossing takes only 5 days, ( Full Answer )

What ocean liner was recommissioned for the military?

There have been at least two. The Queen Mary served as a troopship in World War 2, and the Queen Elizabeth II ( and the Canberra ) was refitted as a troopship in the Falklands War. There may have been others in the World Wars. Also, the Brittanic was used as a hospital ship in World War I until she ( Full Answer )

What are pantie liners?

"Panty Liner" is the common name used to describe the absorbant pads that can be attached to the inside of the "panty" underwear to absorb menstrual fluid or urine.

What is liner?

Well you can get lots of different sorts of liners. eye liner, ocean liner, bin liner, etc. It depends really. i hope that helped. Though i didnt really awnser your question. Sorry.

What is the fastest ocean liner?

The fastest ocean liner was the "SS United States." Its top speedis 44.7 knots (51.44 miles per hour). It is currently rusting awayin the Delaware River near Philadelphia. It has not been in servicein many, many years.

Where can you hear MUSIC on an ocean liner?

Joke and Riddle answer: for the c-28 worksheet- the tape deck On the serious side: Most ocean liners play piped music intheir public areas (in bars, lifts, restaurants etc.), though it'slikely to be fairly schmaltzy 'muzak' that might not appeal to you.They may also have jukeboxes in some of the ( Full Answer )

What is the worlds largest ocean liner?

Queen Mary 2, Length: 1,132 feet, Approximately 151,400 grosstonnes, is the largest ocean liner in the world. The Allure of theSeas, owned by Royal Caribbean International, is the largest cruiseship, at 1,182 feet and 225,282 gross tonnes. The distinctionbetween Ocean Liner and Cruise Ship is primar ( Full Answer )

How much does a ocean liner weigh?

Since each ship is different, they all have different weights. A few are what is known as sister ships, such as the RCL Oasis of the Seas and the Allure of the Seas, meaning they are pretty much built from the same plans. Thus you will generally find sister ships being advertised as having the same ( Full Answer )

What floats ocean liners?

An ocean liner takes advantage of its average density, the density of both the steel frame and all the air filling the empty spaces, to float on the water. The steel's density is greater than the water, but the empty spaces full of trapped air weigh less and help the liner stay afloat. While gravity ( Full Answer )

What are ocean liners?

An Ocean liner is a large cruise ship that was invented in the early 1900's

What has more kinetic energy a 0.0018-kg bullet traveling at 402 ms or a 6.8 107-kg ocean liner traveling at 10 ms 19 knots?

For an object of mass m (measured in kilograms, kg) travelling at a speed v (measured in metres per second, m s -1 ), assuming that v is well below the speed of light, the kinetic energy E (measured in joules, J) is given by: E = 1 / 2 m v 2 So for the bullet, m = 0.0018 kg, and v ( Full Answer )

When was the Ocean Liner invented?

Arguably in 1838 with the christening of the Great Western, a vessel that had the first vague bits of the style, architecture and system (voyage-wise among other things) of the ocean liner.

Which is bigger a cruise ship or an ocean liner?

It depends. Currently, the Queen Mary 2 is the only Ocean Liner left in the world. So, any ship bigger than that like Oasis of the Seas or Allure of the Seas would prove that only a few cruise ships surpass the size of the one Ocean Liner left in the world.

How can a huge ocean liner built of steel float while a penny placed in a glass of water sinks?

Buoyancy . In physics, buoyancy is the upward force that keeps things afloat. The net upward buoyancy force is equal to the magnitude of the weight of fluid displaced by the body. This force enables the object to float or at least seem lighter.. In simple words, the hollow ship displaces an amou ( Full Answer )

How Do Heavy Ocean Liners Stay Afloat?

The upwards thrust pushing on the hull keeps it afloat. As long as the hull is the right shape then it will always float no matter how heavy it is!

What makes an ocean liner go?

Depending on the size of the liner, it can range from Diesel alone, to a combination of Diesel and electricity, and even gas turbines to augment the power generated from the ship's diesels. Rather than long shafts turning fixed point propellers, some liners such as Cunard's Queen Mary II, use 'po ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between ocean liner and cruise ship?

Cruise ships are mainly for get aways and touring the ocean. Ocean liners are large, longer ships that carry people across the ocean as a means of transport from one port to another. (Ex. Titanic was an ocean liner because it's purpose was the Trans-Atlantic route, which is the route from UK to US a ( Full Answer )

What is kraft liner?

the kraft linerboard is mainly used for manufacturing high-grade color printed corrugated box for household appliances, food and a large number of other industrie

Was the Hope Diamond on the Titanic Ocean Liner?

The movie Titanic depicted a large blue diamond, but it was not the Hope diamond, nor was the Hope Diamond on the ship Titanic that sank after hitting an iceberg.

Why do landfills have liners?

To prevent the trash-polluted water from leaking into the ground,landfills have dense clay or plastic linings.

Can you take a voyage on an ocean liner?

Yes, because ocean liners are kind of like rowboats, sailboats,cruises, kayaks, and all of the other things that you could name.

Is the SS Athenia a British Ocean Liner?

It was yes, but in the early 1900's. I t was sunk by a german u-boat. Here is the story: http://www.secondworldwar.org.uk/athenia.html

What did ocean liners do?

They carried whatever passengers, or cargo were present on their departure date to somewhere else around the world.

What is a liner in badminton?

Where the shuttle cock lands on the line and is counted as inside the court and a point is given

I'm looking for an ocean liner that left Liverpool England for quebec canada in October of 1915?

You can try either the British National Archives or Archives Canada. Both have records of ships sailed to and from ports. It was war time, so if you know it was a passenger ship, it should be easy to narrow it down. If it was a Navy ship, it might be a little harder. It's sometimes easier to narr ( Full Answer )

How do you get a pool liner?

You will need the dimensions of the pool. There are companies on the web who sell them. Just google pool liners. No seriously, judging from your question, do not attempt to do it yourself, leave it to a professional. It is too easy to buy a liner and then destroy it by not installing it properly. ( Full Answer )

When was the ocean liner Queen Mary 2 first launched?

The Queen Mary 2 was officially launched in early 2003, completed in December 2003 and then christened by Queen Elizabeth in January 2004 after the Queen Mary, a retired ocean liner from 1936. The ship is a transatlantic ocean liner and is also used for cruises.

What companies built the RMS QM2 transaltlantic ocean liner?

The RMS QM2 transatlantic ocean liner is also known as the Queen Mary 2. Only one company, out of several companies, won the bid to build the ocean liner, and that company was Chantiers de l'Antlantique of France. The ship was first launched in 2003.

What happened to British ocean liner named lusitania?

The Lucitania was a civilian ship torpedoed by a German U-Boat (submarine) during World War II. The official story from the Allies was that it was an unprovoked attack on a civilian ship. The official story from the Axis side is that the Lucitania was secretly smuggling weapons for the war effort an ( Full Answer )

Who built the ocean liner called the Queen Elizabeth 2?

The ocean liner, Queen Elizabeth 2, or RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 was built by John Brown and Company in the middle 1930s. The ocean liner was constructed in Clydebank, Scotland and had its maiden voyage on March 3, 1940.

Which are the ten most famous ocean liners of the 20th century?

The ten most famous ocean liners of the 20th century include the following: the RMS Queen Mary II, the SS Rex, the SS France/SS Norway, the SS Bremen, the RMS Mauretania, the SS United States, the RMS Olympic, and the RMS Queen Elizabeth II.

What companys operate ocean liners?

There are a number of companies that operate ocean liners and travel to many destinations all over the world. Some of the most popular are cunard, the great ocean liners, ocean liners and American President.

What actors and actresses appeared in Mr. Ocean Liner - 2010?

The cast of Mr. Ocean Liner - 2010 includes: Cdre Bernard Warner as himself James Crosson as himself Mary Ellen Pelzer as herself Richard Faber as himself Alastair Greener as himself Bernice Heller as herself Peter Ising as himself Tony LaForgia as himself Jonathan Leavor as himself Ian McNaught as ( Full Answer )

What does ocean liner mean?

An ocean liner means that the ship is used for people to take tripsbetween different seaports.