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The XBOX was microsoft's first game console and was created in an attempt to enter the gaming market. The project succeeded, barely, and then had a enhanced version was produced in 2005...the Xbox 360.
it is a system

It is a games console

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Q: What is an Xbox?
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What was the Xbox released after Xbox 360?

no it wasn't. Xbox > xbox 360 > xbox one

What was Xbox first edition called?

Xbox, origonal xbox, xbox origonal. Xbox at the time.

Xbox or PlayStation?


Which is better Xbox or Xbox 360?

xbox 360.The Xbox 360 is the best as it can run games for both the Xbox and the Xbox 360.

Which Xbox is better Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox Pro Xbox Elite etc.?

the Xbox is a great console for any gamer. In my opinion the Xbox 360 is the best.

Who makes Xbox?

Xbox was created by Microsoft.Xbox was created by Microsoft.Xbox was created by Microsoft.Xbox was created by Microsoft.Xbox was created by Microsoft.Xbox was created by Microsoft.

What are the same about xBox 360 and xBox?

They are both have Xbox in their name and they both play Xbox games but NOT Xbox 360

How many different Xbox are there?

xbox original xbox 360 core xbox 360 arcade xbox 360 premium xbox 360 elite xbox 360 super elite

How do you chat with people on the Xbox without being on the Xbox?

If you chat with people on the xbox without being on the xbox then you are not on the xbox so can't chat with people on the xbox

Does Xbox 360 do backward compatibility with Xbox games?

The Xbox 360 can play original Xbox games but the Xbox doesnt play Xbox 360 games.

How do you play Xbox live on a Xbox not a Xbox 360?

you can not because xbox live has stopped supporting the normal xbox not 360

How do you play Xbox Live with Xbox games on the Xbox 360?

You can no longer play original Xbox games on Xbox Live.

Can you play a Xbox 360 disc on a Xbox?

NO!!No, But you CAN play xbox games on the xbox 360

How do you put Xbox live on your Xbox?

Xbox live is shut down on original xbox.

How much is the Xbox 540?

theres only a xbox, an xbox 360 and a xbox 720

How do you get to my xbox?

You cans sign into your Xbox account on the Xbox website is technically called my xbox.

Will minecraft on Xbox have to have Xbox live?

For Sure Every Game On XbOX Has Xbox Live

What Xbox you need to run halo3?

xbox 360 xbox 360 XBox 360

Can a Xbox 360 play Xbox live gold?

Xbox Live gold is a way of getting xbox xbox live on your xbox. With xbox you can buy games, download gamer picturess, all of that stuff. Xbox Live gold is not a game.

How do you update your Xbox 360 to play Xbox games?

The Xbox 360 can only play certain Xbox titles. A precise list of which Xbox games are compatible with the Xbox 360 is available on the Xbox website.

Can a Xbox game be played on a Xbox 360 that has Xbox live?

I don't think that you can play an original Xbox game on an Xbox 360 live. But some games from the old xbox you can play on Xbox 360.

How many Xbox are there?

2, The Xbox and the Xbox 360.

Is World of Warcraft on Xbox or Xbox 360?


Can you play Xbox 360 games on Xbox?

You can't since the Xbox 360 has better graphics and things you can do on an Xbox 360. And considering that the Xbox 360 came out after the Xbox.

Are Xbox games capable for Xbox 360?

if you meen can you play old xbox games on the xbox 360 then yes you can, you can also purchase xbox originals from the xbox marketplace.