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What is an Xploder?

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βˆ™ 2006-09-05 20:41:11

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Xploder is a brand of cheat and multimedia devices for games consoles, similar to Action Replay. Xploder products have been released for PS2, PSone, PSP, Xbox, GameCube, N64, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, PC and others. There are also plans to support newer consoles. Xploder products are often bundled with accessories for game consoles, such as Lexar's Memory Sticks for the PSP.

2006-09-05 20:41:11
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Q: What is an Xploder?
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The New Xploder PS3 Professional Edition is MAC OS compatible

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Where can you find the product key for xploder cheats?

the only way to get the key is to request a copy of it from your account on xploder or if you have not got an account you have to buy the key.

Can you use a gbc blaze xploder with a gba game?

no, the gba game will not fit in the blaze xploder slot, unless u ram it in but it still wont work!

Tony Hawk1 cheats PS1?

You need Xploder

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You can get a a Xbox 360 Xploder cheat disk.

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there are no cheat codes for this game my friend i am supposed it is on the xploder cheat system on xbox but PC you will probably have to get a patch for it an dps3 will just be another xploder thing hope this helps

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yes it will you just nned to get it working

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Are there any Xploder SP cheats to download Jirachi or Deoxys to Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire?

This is the publisher of this question Yes there are, ive found them on they have Xploder codes for EVERY SINGLE POKEMON EVER! (1-351)

What are Pokemon codes that will work with an Xploder SP?

There's a number of Xploder codes that work. These include: Quick Daycare Level Up All PokeBalls Inf Cash 1st Pokemon Max Stats and ones such as: Catch Jirachi " Deoxys Go to the Gameshark homepage( oddly enough)and click on GBA.the Codes ork on a Xploder SP,and they have wild modifiers,too.

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Use a code or something.

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