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What is an actor?

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An actor is a male who works in films or plays as a character. An actress is a female who works in films or plays as a character. Although you can call a female an actor.

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What was shakespeares job at his company?

an author and an actor. =] an author and an actor. =] an author and an actor. =] an author and an actor. =] an author and an actor. =] an author and an actor. =] an author and an actor. =]

Is a Voice Actor a type of actor?

A voice a actor is a a sort of actor but a singer

How do you say actor in Italian?

Attore, actor. Attore cinematografico, film actor. Attore teatrale, stage or theater actor. Caratterista, character actor. Comico, comic actor. Commediante, actor in a comedy. Comprimario, supporting actor. Protagonista, leading actor.

Do you have to be a trained actor to be a TV actor?

yes i think you do have to be a trained actor to be a tv actor.

How Long Can You Be An Actor?

As long that the actor wants to be an actor?...

Actors with names starting with the letter A?

· Adam Sandler (actor) · Al Pacino (actor) · Alec Baldwin (actor) · Andy Griffith (actor) · Arnold Schwarzenegger (actor) · Alan Alda (actor) · Fred Astaire (actor)

How do you say i am a actor in Spanish?

I am an actor = soy un actor

What is a ham actor?

an actor who overacts An unskilled actor/actress that overacts!

What is the Roman word for actor?

The Latin word for actor is actor. Sometimes histrio was used. A comic actor would be called a comoedus and a tragic actor a tragoedus. But the term actor covered all bases.

Is Robert Pattinson a real vampire or actor?

umm....a real actor umm....a real actor umm....a real actor

What are the types of immortals?

Jellyfish, bad actor, good actor, in between actor

Who are actors born in Ohio?

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Paul Boehmer (actor) (Dayton) * Mark Boone Jr. (actor) {Cincinnati) * John Bottoms (actor) (Dayton) * Bill Boyd (actor) * Bob Braun (talk show host) * Clancy Brown (actor) (Urbana) * Woody Brown (actor) (Dayton) * Michelle Burke (actor) (Defiance) * Tyreese Burnett (actor) (Dayton) * Ralph Byrd (actor) (Dayton) * Marion Byron (actor) (Dayton) * Drew Carey (actor, comedian) (Cleveland) * Nancy Cartwright (voice performer) (Kettering/Dayton) * George Chakiris (actor) (Norwood) * Cullen Chambers (actor, author) (Lima) * Damian Chapa (actor) (Dayton) * Dave Chappelle (comedian, actor) (Yellow Springs) * Marguerite Clark (actor) (Avondale) * Mystro Clark (actor) (Dayton) * Ray Combs (game show host) (Hamilton) * Tim Conway (actor, comedian) (Willoughby) * Josh Costell (actor) (Toledo) * Christine Craft (broadcaster, radio talk show host) * Yvonne Craig (actor) (Columbus) * Beverly D'Angelo (actor) (Columbus) * Dorothy Dandridge (actor) * Frank Daniels (actor, Captain Jinks) (Dayton) * Doris Day (actor) (Cincinnati) * June Dayton (actor) (Dayton) * Ruby Dee (actor) (Cleveland) * Phyllis Diller (actor, comedian) (Lima) * Jim Dine (painter, sculptor) (Cincinnati) * Phil Donahue (talk show host) (Cleveland/Dayton) * Mike Douglas (actor) (Cleveland) * Hugh Downs (broadcaster) (Akron) * Hugh Downs (broadcaster) (Lima) * Keir Dullea (actor) (Cleveland) * Micah Dyer (actor) (Dayton) * Jonathan Eldell (actor) (Warren) * Joe Estevez (actor) (Dayton) * Angie Everhart (fashion model) (Akron) * Kim Faris (Radio personality and Ohio Broadcasters Hall of Fame member) (Dayton) * Sean Faris (actor, model) (Parma) * Jamie Farr (actor) (Toledo) * Suzanne Farrell (dancer) (Cincinnati) * Joe Flynn (actor) (Youngstown) * Alan Freed (radio show host, namer of "Rock 'n Roll") (Cleveland) * Clark Gable (actor) (Cadiz) * Teri Garr (actor) (Lakewood) * Dorothy Gish (actor) * Lillian Gish (actor) (Springfield) * Carlin Glynn (actor) (Cleveland) * Maggie Grace (actor) (Columbus) * David Graf (actor) (Lancaster) * Joel Grey (actor, singer, dancer) (Cleveland) * Julie Hagerty (actor) (Cincinnati) * Arsenio Hall (comedian, talk show host, actor) (Cleveland) * Margaret Hamilton (actor) * Scott Hamilton (ice skater) (Bowling Green) * Dorian Harewood (actor) (Dayton) * Woody Harrelson (actor) (Lebanon) * Rachael Harris (actress/comedienne) (Worthington) * Steve Harvey (comedian/actor) (Cleveland) * Patricia Heaton (actor) (Bay Village) * Anne Heche (actor) (Aurora) * Eileen Heckart (actor) (Columbia) * John Hockenberry (broadcaster) (Dayton) * Hal Holbrook (actor) (Cleveland) * Katie Holmes (actor) (Toledo) * Bob Hope (comedian, actor) (Cleveland) * Billy Hufsey (actor) (Brook Park) * Kevin Lee Hughes (Magician) (Cincinnati) * Chrissie Hynde (musician) (Akron) * Rule Janice (actor) (Cincinnati) * Elsie Janis (actor) (Columbus) * Allison Janney (actor) (Dayton) * Ken Jenkins (actor) (Dayton) * Gordon Jump (actor) (Dayton) * Carol Kane (actor) (Cleveland) * Melina Kanakaredes (actor) (Akron) * Michael Kent (comedian/magician) (Urbana) * Perry King (actor) (Alliance) * Robert Knepper (actor in Prison Break) * A. 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Was Shakespeare an actor?

shakespeare was an actor.

What is the correct spelling of actor?


How do you get to be a actor on iCarly?

You mean an actor

What is an interpretive actor?

a type of actor

Is Bob Rosenschein a actor?

no he is not a actor

How long it takes to become an actor?

it depends on how serious you are about it and what type of actor who want to be. e.g. commercial actor, movie actor, extra

What is the same between an actor and an actress?

Ones a male actor and ones a female actor.

Considering the 20 century who was the only actor to win the best actor award successively for three years?

No actor has ever won three best actor awards in a row. In fact, no actor has won Best Actor three times.

What part of speech is actor?

Actor is a noun.

How old do you have to be an actor?

You can be any age to be an actor.

Is Vin Diesel an actor or a product?


Is Noah Cyrus an actor?

Yes,she is an actor

What is a salary of a actor?

it depends on the actor and the role

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