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It all depends on what the building is used for, where it's located, the type of structure (wood frame, metal, masonry, and how many stories. For instance, I just quoted an apartment building of 6 units with a total square footage of 5,400 and the replacement cost coverage came out to $690,000 or approx $128.00 per square foot. On the other hand, A warehouse may only come out to 50 or 60 dollars per square foot. All buildings are not the same and will require an evaluation of it's construction cost.


Property: While you can certainly calculate out the insurance rate per sq ft - - property insurance premiums are based on value (the rat is developed based on protection, location, use / occupancy, construction, etc...). Regardless, it is a rate per $100 of value.

Liability: Depends on the class of business... but speaking pure real estate the rate is based on sq ftg.

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Q: What is an adequate square foot rate for insurance on a commercial building?
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What is the average cost of utilities per square foot in a commercial building?


What is the average cost per square foot for leasing a commercial building in Cheyenne WY?

To lease a commercial building the average cost per square foot is between $16.00 to $20.00. Depending on what may need to be done to the building, such as insulation, the price can go up to $30 to $40 per square foot.

What is the cost per square foot for a new roof on a commercial building?

The average cost of a new roof in a commercial building is approximately $150-250 per square foot. This cost varies by location and includes materials and labor.

What is the average cost per square foot for interior demo of a commercial building?

About $ 11,140.

Square foot commercial construction costs?

What are the square foot construction costs for a 3-story condo building and a 10-story condo building in Chandler, Arizona ? - Terry

What is the average cost per square foot to renovate a commercial building in North Carolina?

6500 sq ft remodel on commercial property

How much does it cost per square foot for a commercial building in new york city?

Depending on the location, it can range from $50 to $300 per square foot. New York City is a big city and it depends on where exactly you want to build this commercial building.

Commercial construction average cost per square foot Arizona?

The commercial construction cost per square foot in Arizona will average at about $101 per square foot. This means a 3,000 square foot building should cost about $300,000 to build.

What is the average insurance rate for 3 story commercial building in prime area?

story's and "prime area" have nothing to do with the rate. The construction material, square footage, and proximity to a fire department are just a few of the rating factors a company will look at. As well as what type of business is occupying the building.

How much is the cost per square foot to build a commercial building?

how much does it cost for a 30-40 commerical building 6 inches thick

How many kilograms of structural steel on average in a square meter for a commercial building?

Between 40 - 500 kilograms.

What is price per square foot for modular buildings?

The price of modular commercial building depends on the size of the building, the quality of materials and the complexity of the process. Generally, prices range from $35 to $100 per square foot.

How much does it cost per square foot for a commercial building in new york state?

$40 is a basic starting point.

Commercial Property Insurance?

form_title=Commercial Property Insurance form_header=Have commercial property insurance to turn to when disaster strikes your business. It is one of the most important investments your business can make. Total Number of Buildings=_ Total Number of Stories=_ Year Built=_ Construction= {(),All Brick,Mostly Brick,Wood Frame,Metal Frame,Stucco,Other} Square Feet (Estimate)=_

Worlds smallest building?

It would totally depend on wether you meant smallest by height, square footage, depth, commercial or residential, etc. But a building considered to be one of the smallest commercial buildings is the Sam Kee building in Vancouver, British Columbia. It's just 6 ft. deep so considered the thinnest building by Ripley's Believe It or Not.

What is the average rental fee per square foot for commercial property in Allen county Ohio?

I see a commercial building that's advertising 3000 sf. How do I calculate the average cost per month?

When was Cadillac Square Building created?

Cadillac Square Building was created in 1919.

When was The Times Square Building created?

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What are the maintenance cost for a building?

The maintenance costs of a building vary based on square footage, use (commercial vs. residential) and location. I have heard that it is a good ideas to set aside 1 percent of your residential property's value for repairs every year. However, for a commercial building, you should consider pursuing an integrated building maintenance program. Costs vary based on the selected services.

How do I find out what 6000 square feet converts down to 4 ft by 8 ft plywood for commercial building exterior walls?

It is 187.5 boards.

What is square feet of a building?

Square footage of a building usually refers to the total square footage of floor area.

How much does commercial property insurance cost?

First off, it depends on what size and type of commercial property you are trying to insure. For instance, a 200,000 square foot hotel is going to have one cost, but a 5,000 square foot office building will cost something else. This is true for any number of reasons but you can think of it like this: How much does it cost to insure a car? Well, it depends on what type of car, where you are located, how old it is, how many miles it has, what you intend to do with the car, who will operate it, etc? Those same types of questions are related to commercial property insurace.