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An adverb clause (adverbial clause) is a clause that describes a verb, adjective or adverb, in the same way that a single word, compound, or phrase acts as an adverb. They are subordinate clauses.

Examples of adverb clauses:

The boy laughed when the teacher's wig fell off.

The bridge collapsed as the train rolled onto it.

He is not awake until he has his first cup of coffee.

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Is I like tomatoes when the moon is full a sentence that has an adverb clause and what is the adverb clause and the subject and verb of the adverb clause?

The adverb clause is "when the moon is full." The subordinating conjunction is when, the subject is moon, and the verb is "is."

What is an elliptical adverb clause?

An 'adverb clause' is a subordinate clause that modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. It tells when, where, how, to what extent or under what conditions.

Is the clause an adjective or adverb clause in the sentence Although the ostrich is a bird it doesn't fly?

It is an adverb clause.

A dependent clause used to describe a verb adjective or adverb?

adverb clause

What can describe a verb an adjective a phrase or a clause?

Any of an adverb, an adverb phrase or an adverb clause can describe a verb.Adverb: She swam smoothly.Adverb phrase: She swam through the water.Adverb clause: She swam when she saw the turtle.

Is the clause After you finish your dinner an adjective or adverb clause?

It is an adverb clause. It will say "when" an activity may take place.

Is when he was young a noun clause adjective clause or adverb clause?

When he was young ... - as in When he was young he did some very foolish things - is an adverb clause of time.

A subordinate clause that modifies a noun or a pronoun is called?

An adverb clause is a subordinate clause that modifies a verb, adjective, or adverb. A conjunction that begins an adverb clause is called a subordinating conjunction. It joins the clause to the rest of the sentence.

Is until an adverb clause?

The word until can BEGIN an adverb clause, but it is not an adverb by itself. The word until is a preposition or conjunction.

What question does the adverb clause answer?

no it cant be adverb

Is the clause an adjective or adverb clause in Mom wouldn't let me go to the party until my room was cleaned?

The clause "until my room was cleaned" is an adverb clause, which begins with an adverb (until) acting as a conjunction.

An adjective clause may modify an?

Adverb Clause

What kind of clause is whenever he has time?

adverb clause

Catchy adverb clause phrase that has to do with commas?

it is an adverb

What is the adverb of result?

There isnt one but there is an adverb clause

What does an adverb clause do?

An adverb clause (aka adverbial clause) modifies a verb, adjective, or adverb. It typically begins with an adverb that functions as a subordinate conjunction, as in "She has not worked since she had the accident." Here, the meaning is that she had an accident and has not worked since, or since then.

What is an adverbial clause?

An adverbial clause is a subordinate clause which functions as an adverb within the main clause.

What is an adverb and adjective clause?

An adjective clause is the group of words that contain the subject and the verb acting as an adjective. An adverb clause answers questions like how, when and where.

What are some adverb clause starters?

The beginnings of adverb clauses can differ a lot. However, you can spot an adverb clause by finding what the clause is modifying. If the clause in the sentence is modifying a verb, than it's an adverb clause. Also, adverb clauses will tell you: * When the action occurred * Where the action took place * To what extent the action was * How the action was done Make sure the clause is modifying a verb though, because often times it can be a prepositional phrase!

Is an adverb clause usually followed by a comma and an adverb clause within a sentence usually does not require punctuation?


An introductory adverb clause followed by a comma an adverb clause within a sentence usually does not require punctuation?


What does an adverb clause modify?

It modifies a verb, adjective, or an adverb.

Is as soon as the doors open an adverb or adjective clause?


Is whatever the English admired an adjective or adverb clause?


Is whenever there is a bluegrass festival a adejctive or adverb clause?

its adverb