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=A recess in a room; hook.==A recess in a room; hook.=

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Where is the Alcove Preservation Association in Alcove New York located?

The address of the Alcove Preservation Association is: Po Box 81, Alcove, NY 12007-0081

How do you use alcove in a scentence?

we all had a separate alcove

Use alcove in a sentence?

The gold was hidden in a chest within the alcove.

What is the alcove by a fireplace called?

In Scotland and elsewhere an inglenook is a alcove beside a fireplace.

What town was inundated to make the Alcove Reservoir in Alcove NY?

Indian Fields

What is an antonym of alcove?

there is not an answer

Why might a car not be parked in an alcove?

because it's too small to fit in the alcove

What is an antonym for alcove?


What does alcove mean?

alcove means: is an architectural term for a recess in a room, usually screened off by pillars, balustrades or drapery.

What is a church alcove called?

A Niche

What is the opposite of the word alcove?


Can you give me a sentence for the word alcove?

Mrs. Brown purchased a display unit at the auction that just fitted in the alcove beside her chimney.

Where is alcove springs?

Blue Rapids, Kansas

What is another name for a room recess?


What is the window in a turret called?

window alcove

A sentence that uses the word alcove?

Though their apartment lacked a dining room, an alcove adjacent to the living room made for an adequate ambience for dinner

How can you sell your landspeeder on Lego star wars the complete saga?

First, you drive your ship out of the first area. Then you turn right into the alcove. Turn right again into another alcove within the alcove. (wow, I must really like the word "alcove"). Jump out of your speeder and a Jawaese will come out and drop 10,000 coins. He doesn't actually take your ship, so it really is free money.

Is there another name for a church alcove?

Yes, a Apse.

What is a synonym for niche?

alcove, calling, compartment, corner

What is a 4 letter word for church alcove?


What Is a six letter word meaning summerhouse?


How do you get the alcove 2 on Moshi Monsters?

You can only get the alcove two if you purchase a moshi monster mash-up card pack (8 cards in each pack including the code card) if you enter your secret code, but it is not the only thing you can get. You can get a bunch of other stuff, but if you have your eye on the alcove you have to be lucky to get it!

What is another word for Alcove?

Niche, recess, cavity, etc.

What page on the westing game is alcove?

It is on the bottom of page 5

One sea creatures at marine alcove at science centre?