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Q: What is an alliteration for birds?
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An example of alliteration about a baby bird?

baby birds barf butts


what is a alliteration

What are alliteration's for cheetahs?

what is an alliteration for cheetahs

What is a alliteration in the devils arithmatic?


What is an alliteration for shade?

alliteration for shade?

What is a alliteration for pollution?

What is a alliteration for pollution?

What is the paraphrase of alliteration?

Alliteration is a written sound, such as boom, or bang. So the paraphrase of alliteration would be something such as if the alliteration was "crash", the paraphrase alliteration would be something like, " the plates went crash as they hit the floor". So, a paraphrase alliteration is basically a paraphrase with an alliteration.

Is ''The cat sat on a mat''is that a alliteration?

no its not

What page does thank you for the thistle have alliteration?

All the pages and all sentences have alliteration in Thank You for the Thistle by Dorie Thurston. Example: "Brent Bernard watched with wild wonder at the wide window as the beautiful birds began to bite into the bountiful birdseed."

Alliteration in the crucible?

There is no alliteration used in the crucible.

What is alphabet alliteration?

Assonance is the alphabet alliteration.

What is an alphabet alliteration?

Assonance is the alphabet alliteration.

Is alliteration a synonym?

alliteration is synonym of adumbration

Example of alliteration in a sentence?

alliteration is very common in English. alliteration makes language pleasant.

Can you give me an alliteration using the word alliteration?

Alliteration always answers all Ana asks.

What is the figure of speech for the sentence 'How he roared bellowed and howled'?


If three words all start with the same letter what is it called?

Alliteration. Repetition of initial consonants or sounds is alliteration, and is very handy for emphasizing a certain phrase, or as a memory aid.

How do you put alliteration in a sentenance?

I love the word Alliteration

What is a sentence using the word alliteration?

Alliteration is hard.

What part of speech is the word alliteration?

Alliteration is a noun.

Which is an example of alliteration?

An example of alliteration is a section of text showing alliteration. An example of an example of alliteration could be: 'The Soft Sound of Slimy Sea Salt'

How do you use enormous in alliteration?

First, you learn what alliteration is. Then, you think of "enormous" and how you would use it in a sentence. Then, you put in an alliteration.

What are sample of alliteration?

big black box..would be an alliteration. words that start with the same sound in a row is an alliteration

What is the literary term for Repeating of consonant sounds?


How does alliteration effect a poem?

Alliteration has a subtle and subconscious effect