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Q: What is an alpha and omega carbon?
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Alpha and omega in a sentence?

my mama is my alpha and omega

What is Alpha Xi Omega's motto?

The motto of Alpha Xi Omega is 'I am the alpha and the omega, the first and the last'.

Alpha and omega definitions?

Alpha= beginning Omega=End

Will there be a alpha and omega 3?

yes cause if there is an alpha and omega 2 (which there is) then theres always going to be an alpha and omega 3.

Who made alpha and omega?

It is made by lord God, The Alpha and The Omega.

What is the opposite of alpha?

Omega or Zeta. Omega Omega

How do you make a sentence with alpha and omega?

'' I am the alpha and omega'' meaning i am the beginning and the end.

When was Sigma Alpha Omega created?

Sigma Alpha Omega was created in 1998.

When was Alpha Omega Fraternity created?

Alpha Omega Fraternity was created in 1907.

Did Jamie Foxx pledge a fraternity?

Alpha phi Alpha

Is a alpha a higher rank than omega?

there is no alpha or omega rank in the miltary, besides alpha is the first letter in the greek alphabet and omega is the last

Who will help Alpha and Omega in the movie Alpha And Omega to come back?

Paddy and Marcel, also their names are not alpha and omega, their names are Kate and Humphrey.

What animal is Can-Do in Alpha and Omega?

Can-Do is an Alpha Wolf

May 11 and The Alpha and The Omega?

The Alpha and the Omega mean God is the beginning and the end.

What is Alpha Gamma Omega's motto?

The motto of Alpha Gamma Omega is 'Fraternity for Eternity.'.

What does the greek letter omega' mean?

In the greek alphabet there is alpha and omega, alpha mean begginning and omega means end.

How do you tell the difference between alpha and omega wolves?

The Alpha is the leader of the pack and the Omega is just a wolf that follows the Alpha.

How is Alpha and Omega used in Christianity today?

Alpha and Omega are used to refer to Jesus Christ, who is referred to in the Bible as the beginning and the end; which is what alpha and omega mean, respectively.

What is before Alpha and after Omega?

Nothing. Alpha and omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet.

When is alpha and omega coming out?

Alpha and Omega (2010) was released September 17, 2010 in the USA.

When was Alpha Zeta Omega created?

Alpha Zeta Omega was created on 1919-12-19.

When was Alpha Lambda Omega created?

Alpha Lambda Omega was created on 1990-04-09.

When was Gamma Alpha Omega created?

Gamma Alpha Omega was created on 1993-01-25.

What is the motto of Gamma Alpha Omega?

The motto of Gamma Alpha Omega is 'Nos Una Crescemus'.

When was Alpha Tau Omega created?

Alpha Tau Omega was created on 1865-09-11.