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What is an alternate ending for the book the pearl?


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Kino lay awake beside his sleeping wife. He remembered the events that had happened these past weeks. He remembered how he had hurt Juana and how much his family had went through because of the pearl. But now the pearl was apart of him and Kino had known that if he threw away the pearl he would throw away apart himself. But Kino also thought about what was best, for him and his family and if throwing away the pearl was going to help him, his family and friends he was going to do it. Kino was confused about the evil of the pearl and the goodness of his family. Whatever he decided was going to be one of the biggest decisions of his life. Kino knew this and he laid awake thinking about this until he saw the first ray of light that morning.

When Juana woke up, Kino told her "Do you see that cave up there, go there and take Coyotito, I will hunt down the trackers and hopefully kill them." Juana spoke "Kino no you have already killed one man you cant kill another, would you listen to me?" Kino considered this and replied "Juana, I have to and whatever you say wont change that." Juana felt like he had just ripped out her heart, she felt worthless, and unimportant. She wondered if that was all she meant to Kino and with that in mind she said "Kino, go, do whatever you have to do to save yourself, go, and do not come back. I will take Coyotito and run, all you need to do is to make sure you do not follow me. Goodbye Kino, hopefully for ever" Juana's eyes burst into tears like a sprinkler.

Kino set off to find the trackers like he hadn't listened to a word she had just said. He had been walking for about 10 minutes when he suddenly stopped to think. What have I done? What about Juana and Coyotito? Should I have gone after them? These were the questions Kino asked himself for the first time since Juana took Coyotito and left him. Kino had a thought. He thought it was the only solution to his problems. He got out his knife and stabbed himself through his heart.

Kino was gone for good just like Juana had wanted. Juana had taken the pearl and destroyed it, just like she had always wanted to do.

In the morning the trackers found Kino's body. The news quickly spread to the little town where Juana and Kino had lived. Some cried for days and others were silent or acted as if they never had known Kino and his family. Juana and Coyotito disappeared after they heard the news. Some thought Juana had remarried and others thought she had fallen off the face of the Earth. No one ever wanted to find the pearl of the world after what happened to Kino's family.