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Suomi is Finnish for Finland.


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Suomi is the finnish name for Finland.

The Republic of Finland is the official name for Finland.

Äteritsiputeritsipuolilautatsijänkä is the longest place name in Finland

The name given to wind blowing from Finland is "foehn".

The Gulf of Finland lies between Finland and Estonia.

The Rain Forest in Finland? Are you kidding me?

The alternative name used for guinea pigs is Cavies (singular:Cavy).

First people who came to Finland, were called "finns". So therefore, Finland is the "land of finns". Dont ask how the finns got their names. Also, in Finland, Finlands name is Suomi. And that doesent stand for anything. The whole name of Finland was actually made by others than finns.

people came to what is known as Finland. and they were call the Finns. and the name just stuck like clue.

finns becauce its a land of Finn : Finland

Finland's money is not a dollar. Finland uses euros.

what is the former monetary unit of finland

Whooper Swan is the national bird of Finland.

It is the name of the river in Finland.

The Finland state flower is the European Lily of the Valley.

There are no oceans in Finland. Finland has lakes and there are so many lakes in Finland that it would take me forever to name them all but for instance one is called Längelmävesi. No oceans in Finland, just lakes.

The technical name is "trichobezoar."

Alternative name for Sulfur.

Tic Tac Toe is an alternative name for the game of noughts and crosses.

It is "The Netherlands" or "Kingdom of The Netherlands". The Dutch name is "Nederland" or "Koninkrijk der Nederlanden" The alternative name is "Holland" or "The Low Countries"

Norway, Sweden, Finland. Norway Sweden and Denmark, not Finland

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