What is an alto cirrus cloud?

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There is no "alto cirrus cloud". The ten major cloud types are:
Cirrus (high, wispy clouds. Look feathery)
Cirrocumulus (high lumpy clouds)
Cirrostratus (high sheety clouds with a halo around the sun. Indicates bad weather)
Altocumulus (lumpy clouds similar to cirrocumulus clouds, only lower)
Altostratus (Medium height sheety clouds. Make the Sun appear watery)
Cumulonimbus (thunderstorm clouds with "anvil" tops)
Cumulus ("Storybook clouds" or fair-weather clouds. They're the clouds you think of when you hear the word "cloud". Usually.)
Nimbostratus (A precipitating sheety cloud. Dull, dreary grey rain clouds pretty much.)
Stratocumulus (Low lumpy clouds.)
Stratus (fog)
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What are cirrus clouds?

Cirrus clouds are thin, white clouds that have a wispy, featheryappearance. They form at heights of 25,000 feet or more. They arecomposed of tiny ice crystals, and are associated with fair orpleasant weather. They have a hair-like appearance, and thecurled-up ends are very common features.

How do cirrus clouds form?

CIRRUS CLOUDS FORM IN THE SKY with all the other clouds.they also form when water vapor freezes into ice crystals. because of the high altitude these clouds live in airplanes leave a trail of condensationwhich turns into a cirrus cloud

What is Cirrus cloud?

Cirrus clouds are very thin and wispy clouds that don't producerain. It was named after the Latin word for curly hair.

What do cirrus clouds look like?

A cirrus cloud is a thin and wispy cloud composed of ice crystals. They are the highest of clouds, forming in the upper troposphere. They may be thick enough to partially obscure the sunlight, or so tenuous as to be nearly invisible. . (photos at related link)

What do cirrus clouds predict?

Cirrus clouds are often used to a couple different types ofweather. It is thought that if only a few are visible in the skythat the weather will be moderate. It is also thought that if manyof them gather, rain is on the way.

What is the latin meaning for cirrus cloud?

The word "cirrus" is a term in meteorology and science used todescribe high, thin clouds . The word actually come from Latinorigin, where it literally means "curl".

What clouds are the opposite of cirrus?

There are three types of clouds; cirrus, stratus and cumulus.Cirrus clouds are curly looking while stratus clouds are flat orlayered. The cumulus clouds are the largest, and most opposite tothe cirrus clouds.

Is a cirrus cloud a funnel cloud?

No. A cirrus cloud is a high, wavy, thin cloud formed of ice crystals. Funnel clouds are usually formed from cumulonimbus clouds (thunderclouds) at lower altitudes.

What is the altitude of a cirrus cloud?

Cirrus cloud can form as low as 3500 metres (12,000 ft) in polar regions, and at up to 16000 metres (50,000 ft) or more in the tropics. In between these two extremes, the height depends on latitude, season and the airmass at the location.

What does alto clouds mean?

Alto is a section of clouds along side that of nimbus. Alto Clouds are known as altostratus and altocumulus clouds which have a medium altitude from sea level. Altostratus clouds- Sheets of grey or blue clouds, where the sun or moon may appear to be behind frosted class. Altocumulus clouds- Grey or ( Full Answer )

What do the streamers of cirrus clouds show?

The streamers of cirrus clouds have strong winds that often blow streamers. The features show the direction of the wind in the upper Troposphere.

Latin meaning for cirrus clouds?

The Latin meaning of the word "cirrus" is "ringlets." It is used todescribe wispy- or curly-looking thin, light gray or white clouds.

What kind of clouds are cirrus clouds?

a cirrus cloud are the kinda wispy ones. they usually mean fair weather. they look kinda like a cumulus cloud all spread out fith blue sky patches inbetween. im in 5th grade. I know this stuff

Where is a cirrus cloud found?

Cirrus clouds are found at about 16,500 feet in altitude. Thecirrus cloud is very wispy and feather-like in appearance.

How high is the cirrus cloud?

Really high 7000 meters or 23000 feet " cirrus" thin curly like hair. Cirrus clouds are formed when water vapor freezes into ice crystals at altitudes above 8000 meters (26,000 ft). Due to the sparse moisture at a high altitude, they tend to be very thin. At this altitude, aircraft leave condensati ( Full Answer )

Is cirrus a cloud type?

yes it is and also a plane brand. Check out the related link for more information.

What words describe Cirrus clouds?

Well, the way I would describe a Cirrus cloud is a very thin and wispy cloud. I truly hope I helped you.

Where is the alto cloud?

The prefix ,alto means mid-level. So it's in the middle of the sky, not too high not too low.

Can cirrus clouds cause lightning?

Yes lightning has been observed in cirrus clouds. They usually are cloud lightning. Cirrus are too high and vertically isolated to generate cloud to ground lightning Chandima Gomes

Is a cirrus cloud a lonely cloud and does it do anything?

Cirrus clouds could be defined as lonely, as they only are formed in mostly clear blue skies, and are by themselves. Usually, when there is a cirrus cloud, there are no cumulus clouds in the area. The cirrus cloud doesn't really do anything - it's just a light cloud formation. It doesn't rain, bu ( Full Answer )

Give a description of a cirrus cloud?

Cirrus clouds appear fibrous or curly. They are high, thin, white,feathery clouds made of ice crystals. Cirrus clouds are associatedwith fair weather, but they indicate approaching storms.

Are cirrus clouds fluffy?

No. Cumulus clouds are puffy. cirrus clouds are the clouds that are white and wispy that are usually the highest in the sky.

How do cirrus and cumulus and stratus clouds compare?

status: clouds that have a flat uniform base and that begin to form very low altitudes. cumulus: low altitude billowy cloudes that commonly have a top that resembles cotton balls and a dark bottton. cirrus:feathery clouds that are composed of ice crystals and that have the highest altitudl.

What are cirrus status and cumulus clouds?

I'm guessing that you meant to type "stratus". Stratus clouds are the lowest forming cloud in the atmosphere (even fog is a type of stratus). They can produce light precipitation. Also those little "pieces" of cloud that you see sometimes are a type of stratus known as stratus fractus. Cumulus form ( Full Answer )

Do grey clouds mean the clouds are cirrus clouds?

No. When clouds are gray, that means the sunlight can barely shine through them. Usually cirrus clouds are thin, white, and wispy. The clouds you are seeing are probably stratus or altocumulus clouds.

Is a cirrus cloud a noun?

Yes, the term 'cirrus cloud' is a compound noun , a word combining two or more words to form anoun with a meaning of its own. The compound noun cirrus cloud is aword for a specific type of cloud.

What is the texture of a cirrus cloud?

cirrus clouds are high frozen moisture similar to freezing steam. so cirrus clouds texture would be similar to powdered or shaved ice like a hockey player makes in a high speed stop or think of cold, frozen flour or cold, frozen salt being held up in the air by wind and breezes that travels strait u ( Full Answer )

What weather did cirrus clouds make?

They don't really make weather. They show the direction of wind in the upper troposphere and they can be a sign that a storm is approaching. You will usually see cirrus clouds in fair weather. Cirrus clouds are clouds that are high in the air and are thin.

Can cirrus clouds form snow?

Cirrus clouds are high enough to be at a low enough temperature for the water droplets to form into ice crystals. However, Cirrus clouds are not precipitation clouds, so no snow or rain can fall from them. The clouds that can cause snow to fall in the right conditions are Nimbostratus and Cumulonimb ( Full Answer )

What weather is it when cirrus clouds appear?

The appearance of cirrus clouds, aka mare's tails, reflects the appearance of a movement of a large air mass that is different to the current air mass. In other words, a colder air mass is bumping against a warmer air mass, and the leading edge of the cold air mass is where the cirrus clouds form. G ( Full Answer )

What are three facts about cirrus clouds?

They are very high in the atmosphere - the highest of clouds. They move rapidly because of the jet streams at their altitude. They usually foretell a weather front coming in 24-48 hours.

What is cirrus cloud made up of?

The formation is of ice crystals about 5000M high. These clouds indicate that weather conditions may deteriorate. The word comes from Latin meaning a Ringlet

What are facts about Alto cumulus clouds?

Alto cumulus (Ac) - the name derives from the Latin words altus = high and cumulus = mass or heap. Alto cumulus is a member of the ten fundamental cloud types (or cloud genera). It is a middle-level cloud, thus they usually form between 2 to 7 kilometers (6,500 to 22,000 ft).

What causes a cirrus cloud to form?

They form when water vapor undergoes deposition at altitudes of 5,000 m (16,500) in temperate regions and 6,100 m (20,000 ft) in tropical regions

Why are cirrus clouds icy?

they are very high up in the atmosphere and since it is very cold up there ice crystals form instead of water droplets they then usually form a wispy looking cloud, sometimes they are called "mare's tails"

Do cirrus clouds bring thunderstorms?

No, they do not. However, some cirrus clouds form from wisps ofcloud blown from the tops of thunderstorms, so they can be a signthat thunderstorms are coming.