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It's like security guards for the White House because the membrane controls what enters and leaves the cell just like the security guards controls who enters and leaves the White House

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What is an analogy for the nuclear membrane?

Analogy for Nuclear MembraneIt's like a traffic stop.It's like a toll road. Proteins have to be approved by the nucleus to go through the nuclear membrane.

Can anyone name a cell analogy for a nucleolus nuclear membrane and cytoplasm?

nclear membrane is to a?

What is the city analogy for a nuclear membrane?

its like a gate blocking something it determines what comes in or out

What are the parts of the nuclear membrane?

The nuclear membrane is also known as the nuclear envelop. The nuclear membrane is composed of the outer membrane, the inner membrane and nuclear pores.

Is a nuclear pore an organelle?

No, a nuclear pore is a characteristic of the nuclear membrane. The nuclear membrane is a double membrane which envelops the nucleus, an organelle.

Cell membrane is to a cell as nuclear membrane is to?

Nucleus. Cell is bound by the cell membrane, and the nucleus is bound by nuclear envelope, or nuclear membrane.

How is the nuclear membrane similar to the cell membrane?

Both the nuclear membrane and the cell membrane (= plasma membrane) consist of phospholipid bilayers with embedded proteins.However, the term "nuclear membrane" refers to a double membrane. The nuclear membrane is therefore like two cell membranes.

How does the membrane of the cell differ from the nuclear membrane?

cell membrane is single whereas the nuclear membrane is double, hence it is also called nuclear envelop.

Is a nuclear envelope membrane bound?

Nuclear membrane it self a membrane.So it is not membrane bound

What is the function of nuclear?

nuclear membrane is the membrane that surrounded the nucleous

What is the nickname of a nuclear membrane?

nuclear envelope or double membrane

What connects the cell membrane and the nuclear membrane?

Nuclear envelope

What is the nickname of the nuclear membrane?

The nuclear membrane of a cell is also known as the nuclear envelope.

Do both plants and animals have a nuclear membrane?

Yes. They both have nuclear membrane as they both are Eukaryota and eukaryota always have nuclear membrane

What is the structure of the nuclear membrane?

The nuclear membrane is a double membrane structure that surrounds the nucleus. There is an inner nuclear membrane that is composed of proteins and anchors the nuclear envelope to the lamina. The outer membrane is connected to the endoplasmic reticulum where proteins are transported.

What does the nuclear membrane do to help a plant cell?

The nuclear membrane(nuclear envelope), surrounds the nucleus.

Openings in the nuclear membrane?

Openings in the nuclear membrane are called "pores"

What separates the nucleus from the rest of the cell?

Nuclear Membranenuclear membrane

In what part of the cell is the nuclear membrane?

The nucleus, hence the nuclear membrane.

What is the job of an nuclear membrane?

the job of nuclear membrane is to protect the nucleus.

How is a school like a nuclear membrane?

the nuclear membrane is like the office

The canals that connect the cell membrane with the nuclear membrane are?

The endoplasmic reticulum is the canal that connects the cell membrane with the nuclear membrane.

Difference between the cell membrane and nuclear membrane?

the cell membrane encloses the cell and the nuclear membrane encloses the nucleus

What do the cell membrane and the nuclear membrane have in common?

Both monitor what is allowed in and out of the cell (for the cell membrane) and the nucleus(for the nuclear membrane)

What is an analogy for nuclear pore?

An analogy for nuclear envelope is a gate, because the pores and RNA act like a person passing through a gate.