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An indirect answer would be a solar panel, since they both use sunlight to capture energy. That would be a good analogy if you were focusing on the "sunlight". A household electricity generator would be a better analogy if you were focusing on the fact that it "generates" electricity and provides it for the entire house. hope that helps

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Analogy for the chloroplasts?

An analogy would be solar panels. Solar panels absorb the light and convert it into usable energy. So do chloroplasts. They convert it into chemical energy.

An analogy for chloroplasts?

solar panels, they take in sunlight and convert it to energy, just like chloroplasts!!!

What is a chloroplast analogy for the human body?

Humans are chemo heterotrophs.So they do not have chloroplasts.

What is a household item chloroplast analogy?

They may be hard to find, but solar panels are the equivalent of chloroplasts. They make energy out of sunlight, and they're mostly green.

What is a cell city analogy for a centriole?

The most common plastids that are known for containing color pigments are chloroplasts. They contain a green pigment called chlorophyll.

What is the analogy for ship?

analogy for a ship is analogy for a ship so its an analogy

What is the function of chloroplasts in a cell?

chloroplasts obviously do whatever chloroplasts do

What is an analogy for store?

What is an analogy for store.

What is an analogy for analogy?

I also wanna

A sentence for analogy using the word analogy?

If you make an analogy between two things, you show they are alike in some and my friend are a analogy

Which type of cell has chloroplasts and what is the function of the chloroplasts?

Photosynthetic eukariyotic cells have chloroplasts. Chloroplasts carry out photosynthesis to produce food.

What is a chromosome analogy?

An analogy would be a T.V

What is the analogy for introduction?

i hate analogy it is stupid

What is the analogy of stomata?

the analogy of stomata is stomach

What is the plural for analogy?

The plural of analogy is analogies.

Why are a plants chloroplasts green?

Chlorophyll make chloroplasts green.They are stored in chloroplasts.

Does Oscillatoria have chloroplasts?

They do not contain chloroplasts

What color are chloroplasts?

Chloroplasts are green.

Are there chloroplasts in an animal cell?

No, there are no chloroplasts in animal cells. Chloroplasts are only in plant cells.

Do nitrogen fixing bacteria have chloroplasts?

No bacteria have chloroplasts. Plants have chloroplasts. Chloroplasts were originally cyanobacteria -- they are the results of an endosymbiosis between a cyanobacterium and a eukaryote.

Is Narnia an analogy?

yes, it's an analogy to the bible

What is analogy?

An analogy is a comparison that can be made between an idea.

What is the analogy of many?

analogy is comparison of two question

Different kinds of analogy with their meaning?

kinds of analogy is ........................................................................

How do say 'analogy' in Spanish?