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What is an analogy for cilium?

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Analogy for Cilium Cilium are short "leg like" projections used for motility such as a millipede or centipede would move, except cilium are used to move about a fluid environment. cilia, (cilium plural) actually only move fluid and particles around or over them. whereas, flagela, (flagelum plural) move through fluid.

Analogy: legs

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What is the singular form of the word cilia?

Singular form for cilia is cilium. Cilium is an organelle found in eukaryotic cells. In Latin cilium means eyelash.

What does cilium do?

cilium helps in swimming locomotion. they are seen in protozoans like vorticella, paramecium

Which structure are not found in prokaryotic cells?

Cilium is a structure that is not found in prokaryotic cells. A cilium is an organelle.

What is the plural for cilia?

A cilium

Short hairlike structure?

cilium :)

What provides movement in cell?


What is an axoneme?

An axoneme is a bundle of nine microtubules forming the internal scaffolding of a cilium, with two extra microtubles connecting the others if the cilium is motile.

What is the Latin word for eye lash?


What is the technical name for eyelash hair?


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What type of cells have cilium?

Only eukaryotes have cilia.

What is the Location of cilium in a cell?

I Dont know sorry

How do you make silla singular?

"Cilium" is the singular of "cilia".

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How do protista move?

how does it move well it moves flagella, cilium, and pseudopod

What are the hairlike organelles that protrude from the cell surface?

Cilium (plural cilia)

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