What is an analogy for the nerves in a human body and electric wires?

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Electrical wires transmit electrical currents (electrons) along the wire and are encased in a insulated jacket that keeps the wires from short circuiting with neighboring wires so the electrical current can travel quickly and efficiently along the wire. Nerves resemble these wires in that the axons of the nerve fibers are similar looking as they are enclosed in a myelinated sheath. Nuerons do not transmit electrical currents, but rather they transmit charged ions.
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What is a cell analogy to a human body?

Nucleus is to the brain. Endoplasmic Reticulum is to nerves. Mitochondria is to the small intestine. Lysosome is to stomach. Gogli Body is to large intestine. Vacuol

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A nerve is a bundle of individual neurons. There are approximately100 billion neurons in the human body (about the same number ofstars in our Milky Way galaxy), but there are

Cell analogy to the human body?

Cytoplasm- blood Cell membrane- tissue Nucleus- DNA Nucleolus- neurons Ribosomes- red blood cell Endoplasmic reticulum- nerves/ veins Mitochondria- Heart Golgi apparatus- lung
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What are the cranial nerves in the human body?

There are many many millions of nerves, each one is a single cell but these are more correctly termed neurons. It is estimated that there are up to 100 billion neurons in the