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Electrical wires transmit electrical currents (electrons) along the wire and are encased in a insulated jacket that keeps the wires from short circuiting with neighboring wires so the electrical current can travel quickly and efficiently along the wire. Nerves resemble these wires in that the axons of the nerve fibers are similar looking as they are enclosed in a myelinated sheath. Nuerons do not transmit electrical currents, but rather they transmit charged ions.

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nerves send a message to the brain :: electrical wires send a current to whatever they are hooked up too. A better Answer: Nerves and electrical wire both transmit electricity.

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Chronic alcoholism leads to poor caloric intake and eventually nerve damage because there isn't enough protein to nourish the insulating covering of nerves... Nerves are like electric wires... they have a protein covering around the to keep the nerve impulses from "grounding out" into the tissue [and subsequently don't reach the brain]...

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