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What does an animal biologist do?

An animal biologist studies the life of animals

What is a refuge biologist?

a fefuge biologist is a biologist who helps save animal that are hurt

Do you have to be a marine biologist to be a marine animal trainer?

No you don't need to be a marine biologist to be a marine animal trainer.

How do you xxplain animal cell?

A biologist

What talents are needed to be a animal biologist?

you need to know what an animal is

Why do animal biologist study animal friendships?

maybe because they want to!

Who English Biologist animal ecology?


What is call on expert on animal life?

A biologist

If an animal has a vestigial structure what can a biologist infer about the animal evolutionary history?

It has one

What type of biologist study animal behavior?


What do you call a scientist that studies animal life?

a biologist

How much does an animal biologist get paid?

$2 a year

How much money does a animal biologist make?

Well, as itt happens. I happen to be an Animal Biologist myself, not allowed to tell you how much I earn, its private *tapping nose* ;)

What do marine biologist do weekly?

Weekly, Marine Biologist study animal medicine the undersea habitats of animals, and the animals themselves.

What is the name of a specialist in animal and plant structures?

Biologist or a cytologist

What are the duties of a biologist?

Study life whether plant or animal.

What kinds of animals do animal biologist study?

Heterotrophs and Autotrophs

How do you spell zooalogist?

The correct spelling is "zoologist" (animal biologist).

What do you call a person who studies animal and plant life?


What is the difference between a zoologist and animal biologist?

Zooligist work at the zoo with animals but animal biologist work with animals that are sick and they study animals too.

What types of professios are there that work with animals?

Veterinarian, cowboy, zoologist, entomologist, marine biologist, rancher, rodeo clown, animal trainer, animal caretaker, jockey, herpitologist, zoo keeper, fisherman, wildlife biologist

Why do animal biologist study animals?

animal bioligests study animals because they have to know what breed of animal they can mix with another animals DNA.

Why do biologist examine animals?

Because an animal is a living organism, which is part of an ecosystem.

What 3 things biologist consider when they classify an animal?

archaea bacteria eukarya

What should you study become a animal biologist?

If you would like to become an animal Biologist, there are a few key things you have to study.First off, Learn English. That will help immensely. After that, you want to take Biology, Chemistry, Zoology, and (of course) Animal Biology. These will help to get you on your way.