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What is an antonym for dangle?

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The antonym for dangle is dangling

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What is the opposite word for dangle?

Dangle is normally used to describe and object that is hanging loosely. The closest antonym for the word dangle is undrape. Undrape means to shun something off the drapery.

What is the plural of dangle?

The plural of dangle is dangles.

When was Lloyd Dangle born?

Lloyd Dangle was born in 1961.

Why do girls dangle their shoes?

Girls could dangle their shoes for a variety of reasons. It could be that their legs are too short to reach the ground and their feet just dangle.

What is the definition of a Dangle?

The dictionary defines the noun dangle to mean something that hangs or sways loosely. In verb form it means to cause to dangle or to offer as an inducement.

What is the Present or past participle of dangle?

The present participle of "dangle" is "dangling"; its past participle is "dangled."

What is the name of the red dangle thing on a turkey?

The red dangle thingy on a turkey is called a Gobble

What are the ratings and certificates for Dangle - 2003?

Dangle - 2003 is rated/received certificates of: Canada:PG (Ontario)

Is dangle a verb?

Yes, it is.

What is a sentence using word dangle?

We dont believe we can get it but they dangle it before us like a carrot before a mule.

What actors and actresses appeared in Dangle - 2003?

The cast of Dangle - 2003 includes: Phil Traill as The man

Who is Slipknots manager?

Dangle Dave

What is the antonym of synonym?

The antonym for synonym is antonym. Antonym is the word that is opposite of synonym.Antonym IS the antonym of synonym

What rhymes with angles as in a triangle?


How do you use dangle in a sentence?

He dangled from a vine.

What rhymes with untangle?

mangle. dangle. bangle.

Do cattle horns ever become injured so that they 'dangle'?

Yes. They can snap off if an animal has been in a fight, or got their horns stuck and panicked.

What rhymes with dangle?

Bangle, mangle, wrangle, tangle, The easiest way to find rhyming words is to go through the alphabet (e.g. bangle, dangle, etc).

Where can one obtain a pair of Diamond Dangle Earrings in London?

One can purchase a pair of Diamond Dangle Earrings from stores like Diana's Jewels. One can also purchase a pair of Diamond Dangle Earrings from various websites like Amazon or eBay.

Does the word antonym have an antonym?

Synonym is the antonym of antonym.

How do you teabag a girl?

You take your balls and dangle them in her face

What is the synonym for dangle?

depend, brandish, suspend, flourish

What is the name of paul gasol's shoes?

dingle dangle

What rhymes with tangle?

Bangle, wrangle, dangle, mangle.

Is there the word dangle in James and the Giant Peach?