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The aperture is an opening within the lens whose size is controlled by a series of overlapping blades. It's sole purpose is to control the amount of light that reaches the film or digital sensor during the exposure time. Anything else, such as depth of field, is a spin off of its function.

The size of this opening is controlled by settings on the camera shutter speed/aperture dial or on the lens. Many cameras do not have the ability to "stop down" the aperture before the moment of exposure, so it is not something most people can observe. At the moment of exposure, the blades move to create an opening within the lens just before the shutter opens to control the duration that this occurs. Together, they control the exposure.

We quantify the size of this opening with F numbers. Simply put, the F number expresses how many times an aperture will fit into the focal length. Thus, in a 100mm lens, F4 means it will fit in 4x and will be 25mm in diameter. In a 200mm lens, F4 represents an opening of 50mm. This explains why longer length lenses typically have larger maximum apertures, and why the higher F number represents a smaller aperture (F16 must fit into the focal length 16x, thus it has to be smaller).

The answer moved to the discussion page, while good, was more about the effect of the aperture and really belongs in a answer to a question about depth of field.

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Q: What is an aperture on a camera?
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How do you change aperture on a digital camera?

it depends on what camera you are using. sometimes the aperture can be set on the lens.

How does Aperture work?

The shutter of a camera opens and closes allowing light into the camera, the hole in the shutter is the aperture.

How do you use aperture in a sentence?

The aperture of my camera lens will not open!

What is an aperture in a camera used for?

The aperture in a camera is used to regulate the amount of light that passes through the lens onto to film at the moment the photograph is taken. The aperture size can be varied using settings on the camera.

Can you use a aperture on a digital camera?

An aperture is a hole where light travels through. Therefore in any camera there is always an aperture - including digital cameras - even if it is fixed

Is an opening in a camera that allows light into the camera?


What is camera aperture?

The hole in the shutter allowing light into the camera.

What is the largest aperture in film photography?

The largest camera aperture is f stop 1.4, which lets the most amount of light into the camera.

What is 'apature' a synonym for?

"Aperture" is a synonym for a break or a crack. "Aperture" is used in many modern day phrases such as camera aperture and of course, "Aperture Science" from the game Portal.

What are manual cameras?

Manual cameras require the user to set the focus, shutter speed and aperture. An automatic-exposure camera sets either the shutter speed (this is an aperture priority camera), the aperture (this is a shutter priority camera) or both (this is a programmed-exposure camera). An autofocus camera sets the focus, and all those cameras have automatic exposure.

What is aperture on camera?

The aperture is the hole in the shutter that lets in light to take your photo, affecting exposure.

What is the purpose of the aperture in a camera?

To allow in light.

What is aperture used for?

letting light into the camera

How do you change the aperture?

It depends on what camera you are using

What could be improved on the pinhole camera?


What is another name for a camera's opening?

The opening of a camera is usually known as the aperture.

What does aperture mean?

An aperture is an opening, a hole, or a gap. In photography, the aperture refers to the size of the hole through which light is allowed into the camera to take a photograph.

What is the aperture of a spherical lens?

The word aperture does not apply to the lens itself. In a camera, the aperture is the diameter of the shutter opening which allows light to reach the lens.

What is the function of the aperture?

there is no function of the aperture but there is a function of the shutter. the shutter opens and closes to a certain point, allowing light into the camera. The hole in the shutter is the aperture

What is aperture priority of digital camera?

Exposure, in digital or film photography, is determined by aperture and shutter speed. On a manual camera, the user selects both values.On an automatic camera, there are four possibilities:Manual mode. User selects both aperture and shutter speed.Shutter priority. User picks the shutter speed and the camera adjusts the aperture to ensure proper exposure.Aperture priority. User picks the aperture and the camera adjusts the shutter speed to ensure proper exposure.Program mode. The camera selects both values.

What is the meaning of f3.5-5.6?

On for instance a 35-70mm camera lens the maxmimum aperture at 35mm is f3.5 and the maximum aperture at 70mm is f5.6. (f3.5-5.6) Maximum Aperture of a Variable Focal Length Camera Lens.

What does the aperture dial do on a camera?

In your lens there is an "aperture" assembly. It adjusts the amount of light that will flow through the lens. Turning the aperture dial sets the size of the hole in the aperture - a larger aperture allows shorter exposures, but a smaller aperture gives greater depth of field.

Variable opening on camera to regulate light?


What opens in a camera to let in more light?

The aperture.

Why does a pinhole camera have different linear aperture?

cause it does