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What is an appaloosa?


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An Appaloosa is a horse standing from 14 -16 hands. They must be spotted or they are BS or no color. All must have molted skin, striped hoofs and white around their eyes. To see about Appaloosas Google ApHC.


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Appaloosa is a pattern not a colour. The base colour of the appaloosa can be any of colours that you see in non appaloosa horses

An Appaloosa is a breed of a horse.

There are no perfect rhymes for the word appaloosa.

The speed of a appaloosa is 40 mph

The Appaloosa was created in 1966-01.

The duration of The Appaloosa is 1.63 hours.

The Appaloosa does not exist in vanilla Minecraft.

The best-known Appaloosa registry/association is the Appaloosa Horse Club, or the ApHC.

Appaloosa was released on 09/19/2008.

The Production Budget for Appaloosa was $20,000,000.

The Appaloosa Horse originated in the United States.

The Appaloosa is a prey animal, not a predator and therefore it has no 'prey'.

appaloosas are registered with the American Appaloosa Horse Association (AAHA)The international breed registry is the APA: Appaloosa Horse Association

The scientific name for the appaloosa is Equus ferus caballus

That is the correct spelling of the proper noun (breed of horse) Appaloosa.

An appaloosa is not a breed. It depends on what breed your talking about.

There is no code for an Appaloosa available online.

Appaloosa grossed $27,911,453 worldwide.

Depending on where the appaloosa lives, its most likely predators are lions and tigers. Wolves and coyotes are also predators of appaloosa horses.

The First Answer(but this is incorrect):all breeds can have an Appaloosa pattern and if they do that makes them an Appaloosa as well as there other breed besides a Frisian.The Second Answer:(This one is correct, but I probably missed a few breeds)Other than the Appaloosa, some appy patterned breeds I know are the Knabstrup, the Pony Of The Americas (POA), and the Tiger horse, which the Appaloosa actually desended from.

Appaloosa developed from the phrase "a Palouse horse" denoting a horse from the region near the Palouse River.

An Appaloosa horse is known for their distinctive appearance. The Appaloosa horse looks similar to a Dalmatian, as they are white with a pattern of black spots.

Appaloosa horses are usually between 13 and 15 hands high.

The Appaloosa horse was bred by the Nec Perce Indians.

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