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What is an astronaut?


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An astronaut is a person who travels in Space. Until 03 an astronaut was usually trained by the military, government or civil space agents. Now they are trained by the SSO- SpaceShipOne. Every astronaut is accompanied by two or more other astronauts when they travel up into Space. The first Americans on the moon were Ed White, Eugene Cernan and (of course) Neil Armstrong.
an astronaut is a person who specializes in space travel and exploration. an astronaut is put in to space, orbit in a satellite, on other planet or moon to carry out scientific experiments and observations.the result of his/her observation and experiment is sent to earth where we analyse the result.this helps us to know more about the earth, space, other planets, etc.
A space traveler
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Astronaut is spelled astronaut in German.

"An astronaut" is the correct form, not "a astronaut." "an" is used instead of "a" whenever the word it modifies begins with a vowel.

neil astronaut is a astronaut his real name is neil armstrong

No, Neil Armstrong is an astronaut.

he's an astronaut obviously.

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Yes she was an astronaut.

The astronaut spent thirty days in space. They sent the astronaut to the station to see if it was still intact.

The mass of the astronaut remains the same. However, the weight of the astronaut is less on the moon.

---- == ==----An astronaut(a NASA astronaut) earns a minimum salary of $64,724.

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No, the word 'astronaut' is a noun.

Astronaut is spelt as 'astronawta'

The duration of The Astronaut is 1.22 hours.

An astronaut or a cosmonaut is a person.

No, that is wrong.The correct spelling is astronaut.Some example sentences are:I would love to become an astronaut.The astronaut repairs the space station's relay.Being an astronaut is a very dangerous career.

the sun reflects the light to the astronaut eyes so the astronaut can see the Earth .

Yes, the noun 'astronaut' is a common noun, a general word for any astronaut anywhere.

The name for a Russian astronaut is a "cosmonaut".

he became an astronaut in 1993.

Neil Armstrong is a famous astronaut.

An astronaut. And it's spelt 'female'.

Yep, if an astronaut has mass, they will have inertia.

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