What is an axon terminal?

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An axon terminal is the structure of a neuron (a single cell of the central or peripheral nervous system) at the end of it's axon that forms a synapse with another neuron. Generally, the axon terminal is the point at which a neuron passes information to the neurons with which it is connected.

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Q: What is an axon terminal?
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What happens when an action potential arrives at an axon terminal?

the axon terminal is destroyed

Describe what happens when an impulse arrives at an axon terminal?

the axon terminal is destroyed by the impulse

What does a axon terminal button do in a nerve cell?

An axon terminal translates signals to the nerve. It is basically a translator,

What part of neuron releases neurotransmitter my choices are axon axon terminal dendrite myelin sheath or cell body?

The neurotransmitter is released from the axon terminal.

What substance is found in synaptic vesicles of he axon terminal?


What does not belong axon terminal synaptic knob bouton axon collateral?

axon collateral

Is the Axon terminal the same as the terminal buttons?


Do blood cells move from the axon terminal to the dendrites?

No, blood cells do not move from the axon terminal to the dendrites; neurotransmitters are the chemicals which move across the synaptic cleft from axon to dendrite.

What is terminal branch of axon?


The axon of each motor neuron has nemerous endings called?

axon terminal

Gap between axon terminal and muscle cell?

The gap between the axon terminal and muscle cell is called the synaptic cleft. It is defined as the small gap, measured in nanometers, between an axon terminal and any of the cell membranes in the immediate vicinity.

What are the four primary structures of a neuron?

Dendrites, Axon, Axon Terminal, and Cell Body

Impulse generator and transmitter?

axon terminal

Does the axon terminal secrete neurotransmitters?


Where axon terminal located in the NMJ?


Which structure secretes a neurotransmitter?

an axon terminal

What is at the end of an axon terminal branch?


What are terminal fibers?

Arevbranching fibers at the end of the axon that lead the nervous impulse from the axon to the synapse

What are the structures at the end of the axon called?

terminal buttons

Where are neurotransmitters released by neurons?

The axon terminal, into a synapse.

What does the axon terminal button do in the nerve cell?


What is the end of a motor neuron called?

Axon terminal

What region of the cell secretes neurotransmitters?

axon terminal.

What does axon terminal of motor neuron release?


Common structures of a neuron?

Describe the 5 structures of the neuronDendrites, soma, axon hillock, axon, axon terminal. With synapse between neurons.