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With the abortion pill or a abortion. Speak to your MD.

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Q: What is an easy way to remove a pregnancy after one month?
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How can you remove one month pregnancy without using medicine?

How can you remove one month pregnancy without using medicine?Read more:How_can_you_remove_one_month_pregnancy_without_using_medicine

What is an easy way to remove a pregnancy after one month-?

If you want to remove a pregnancy after one month, the easiest way is to see a doctor. You can get a medication abortion which involves taking some pills which are ONLY available by prescription in the U.S. Other countries have other means. Or you can get a vacuum suction abortion - surgical abortion. All methods require a doctor in the U.S.

Is it bad to abort in a month pregnancy?

Think more times before you are going to abort. You are destroying a life of a human life. But aborting before one month is easy to do.

Can a you take any medicine to remove one month pregnancy?

Yes, up to 9 weeks the doctor can prescribe Mifepristone followed by Misoprostol.

Can we feel an embryo when pregnancy is one month?


What is the name of the medicine to remove one month pregnancy?

Safe abortion can be done with medicine called MIFEPRISTONE (RU-486).

How many offspring can a tapir have from 1 pregnancy?

They have one baby after a 13 month pregnancy.

Can you use trigestrel to abort your one month pregnancy?

No, it only works to prevent pregnancy.

How many days in a rabbits pregnancy?

About one month.

How long is the pregnancy of the guppies fish?

About one month

You were on birth control for one month and off for a month Now you have missed a period what cause this?


How can you tell if you are one month pregnant?

By taking a pregnancy test

What happens if you bleed after one month of pregnancy?

Your getting a period.

What medicine to take to stop one month pregnancy?


How long it takes for pregnancy to show up?

One month

Can you take the pill only for one month?

It's not advisable no. Taking the pill for one month will not prevent pregnancy as you need to be on the pill for 4 weeks before you can have unprotected sex without the risk of pregnancy.

No period for one month and pregnancy test says negative?

You are pregnant

How do you terminate pregnancy after one month?

By a medical or suction abortion at the doctors.

What can cause miss-courage when one month pregnancy?

Having sex

Can homeopathic medicine be used to abort one month pregnancy?


What is a cornual resection?

Rescection of the cornual end of the uterus to remove the corneal pregnancy ,it is one type of a surgical treatment of the corneal or interstitial pregnancy or in a simle form incise the cornual end and remove the pregnancy

Is it safe to have two abortions in one month month?

You would not be able to find out you have a new pregnancy going within a month but it can be done safely.

How long would you wait to ruled out pregnancy in home pregnancy test?

One month and a half it should show by then.First responce is the best one.

Are you pregnant if you did not have your period last month and lasted for only one day this month?

You could be, and the one day period could actually be spotting which is common in early pregnancy. Do yourself (and the possible baby) a favor and get a pregnancy test.

When is the correct time to take tetanus injection in preganancy?

First dose to be taken in forth month. Second after one month and third in nineth month of pregnancy. This is applicable to first pregnancy. If next pregnancy is within five years of first pregnancy, you need to take single dose any time between three months onward.