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Edema means swelling. An edematous kidney is a swollen kidney.

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What does edematous skin mean i have this homework and it asks edematous skin means a.swollen tissue b.reddish-brown colot c.white plaques d.skin ulcer?

you wouldn't happen to be in allied Health class would you? you wouldn't happen to be in allied Health class would you? Edema refers to tissue swelling. Edematous is the adjective form, the descriptive form of the word "edema". Swollen tissue is "edematous". The answer is A.

What is edometerous?

Edematous - swollen with an excessive accumulation of fluid.

What is lamina propria?

is the edematous lamina propria glands can be cancer

What is a lump on your pelvic are mean?

Lumps can be tumors, hernias, edematous...

What is Congested edematous mucosa of sigmoid colon?

Congested edematous mucosa of the sigmoid colon is an inflammation and enlargement of the mucosal lining with an excessive amount of interstitial fluid. The mucosa is the lining of the intestinal tract.

Does histamine result in an edematous and painful condition?

It sure can, if too much histamine is released.

What does this mean Parenchyma of both lungs is focally congested but not edematous?

Parenchyma is the main mass of the organ. Focally means in a limited area. Edematous means swollen with increased fluid. So the phrase means that the main mass of both lungs is a little fluid filled in spots, but not completely overrun with excess fluid.

What is an accessory kidney?

An accessory kidney is an "extra" kidney.

What is a native kidney biopsy?

A native kidney biopsy is a biopsy of the kidney with which you were born, not of the donated kidney.

What are some kidney disorders?

There is Chronic Kidney Failure. There is also Kidney Nephrolithotems, and Kidney cancer.

What is the kidney shape?

Your kidney is shaped like a kidney bean.

What are common ailments of the kidney?

Kidney stones. Kidney failure.

Which kidney is higher?

the right kidney is higher than the left kidney

What surrounds the kidney?

The kidney is surrounded by fat to protect the kidney from damage.

Can a kidney stone tear you?

A kidney stone can cause damage to the kidney.

What are the problems that still remain of a kidney transplant?

Kidney failure and kidney rejection can still remain after kidney transplant.

What is opisthonephric kidney?

An opisthonephric kidney is the functional kidney of anamniotes, fish, and amphibians.

What hormone does a kidney have?

Kidney secrete hormone erythropoietin.ADH and aldestorone effect kidney.

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