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In Tasha's school 0.600 of the students participate in a school sport If there are one thousand students in tasha's school how many participate in a school sport

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Q: What is an education and career focused opportunity that introduces students to the link between classes and careers?
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What is the difference between an ant and a student?

The difference between a ant and a student is that students have education and ants don't.Ants are small but students are big.

What is the difference between good student and bad student with studies?

The main different between good and bad students with studies is that the good students often dedicate more time to their education. Good students also typically get better grades.

What is the difference between values education and religious education?

Values education goes out of its way to be nonsectarian. Religious education works within one religious tradition, although it may welcome students of other faiths.

I find this hard to believe and why is education a conflect of man versus society?

Education can be considered a conflict between man versus society because society doesn't always offer every man the same opportunity for education.

Why are today's students undisciplined and underdeveloped?

I don't think that the government is organized enough with its education. Look at Korea and the bonds between education and government then at us. see the difference.

How does the education in China differ from education in the west?

The differences between Chinese and U.S. education matter in both countries, as students from the People_¾_s Republic surge onto American campuses. That includes BU, where Chinese students are the largest foreign contingent about 2,000 undergraduates and grad students, 6 percent of the total in an increasingly international student body.

What is an opportunity gap?

An opportunity gap is the difference between groups of people in their access to things like education, healthcare, employment, etc. So, for instance, if you look at low-income and high-income communities and their access to quality education, you will find an opportunity gap. Poor children don't have access to the same quality educational opportunities as their richer peers.

Why did the US Department of Education develop career clusters?

To give students a link between academic studies and career skills

How many students are there in the world and how are they distributed between high-school and upper education?"

What was Jeffersons view of the relationship between education and democracy?

Jefferson believed that a strong democracy depended on well educated students

What was Jefferson view of the relationship between education and democracy?

Jefferson believed that a strong democracy depended on well educated students

The difference between old education and new education?

in old education system the students who are very bright can score good marks but now with the help of activity the slow pickers can also score good marks

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