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That is the dumbest thing I ever heard in my life! A Gecko!!!! HA HA !!!! Why not try Raid foggers or DE-con Cockroach control disk before you put a zoo in your house.

AnswerIf you want a drastic measure that will rid you of roaches... do this: Stop using poison for a few days. Get a male or baby house gecko from a pet store to eat the roaches. You can use a female, but if she has babies, you may end up with a lizard problem in the process of solving your roach problem. If your problem is really bad you may need multiple house geckos. You should also do everything you can to keep your lizard(s) happy and healthy. Healthy lizards eat more roaches. This could mean keeping your heat up to 70 degrees, or providing your lizard(s) with a small lizard habitat they can return to if they are in need of wet leaves or a wet place to hide. Lizard habitats can be homemade or purchased inexpensively at a pet store. Once the roach population is under control, the lizard's tail will get skinny from not enough to eat. At this point you may need to give away some lizards to get your lizard population down to one, or supplement your lizard's diet with crickets. A single gecko should be able to hunt down the roach population of a single-family house in 1-2 months. The gecko method is the only method that works in multi-family buildings where not all the units are cooperating completely with the exterminator. House geckos will eat all kinds of insects, from centipedes to bedbugs. AnswerWhat type pf roaches are you talking about? Small house roaches, cockroaches or wood roaches? The best advise that I could give you as a professional is to call a local exterminating company.Ugh, these deplorable creatures! I've dealt with a cockroach problem ina few places, mainly apartments, too. I'm not sure what kind of boric acid you used, but I used the boric acid tablets "Harris Famous Roach Tablets" that come in the little yellow box). This is very obsessive, but I put a few boric acid tablets in the back corners of every cabinet near the floor, under the refridgerator, under the stove, and in various places where my cats wouldn't be able to get at them. I also shoved them inside cracks in the walls outside of my place and I noticed a tremendous difference. Unfortunately I was on the ground floor, so I still get them once and awhile, but I was quite impressed with the results of this cheap solution. As an added precaution, I also put down those roach motels with the sticky glue in them, and some have ended up in there, but I only use those boxes in places that you can't see. Wherever you live, make sure that the gutters are cleaned regularly. I got rid of millions of roaches in one house after cleaning all of the leaves & debris & leaving many boric acid tablets in the gutters. You should also make sure that you put all of your food, sugar, or whatever into ziplock bags or lock-tight containers and always secure bags of cereal, crackers, or whatever food in plastic bags within boxed containers with a clip so that you aren't providing an open invitation for these nasty insects. Finally, make sure that you don't have a lot of corregated cardboard boxes around because they like to house in corregated cardboard. Good luck & I hope that helps! Answerborax powder bleach

They grew up there and no one ran them out.

Answercall an exterminator otherwise any store products raid for roaches, roach motels etc.

you can also use combat gel you can buy it at Wal-Mart, apply as directed and your prollem's will be over.

JH I 'm not going to even read the above stuff. Home defense and other similar products are at the supply stores at 8 to 20 bucks is superman stuff. You have to get someone to go under the house and spray into the wood beams and sills under the kitchen and bath areas. Also into the back and corners of all your CLEANED OUT CABINETS. then spray the edge of your carpets. It is good stuff. I'm getting lonely, I'm not bugged anymore.

If you only have a couple and do not have anything around the house use Brake Cleaner or Carburetor Cleaner. It kills the on contact.

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