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A single point charge, may be positive or negative.

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Q: What is an electric monopole?
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What is potential difference of a monopole?

The simple answer: the potential at a point some distance, r from a monopole is kQ / r, where k is Coulumb's constant: 9.0E9 Q is the charge of the monopole and r is the distance from the monopole. And how to get there: Since electric force is kq1q2/ r2, the electric field ( Force per charge) is kQ/r2. The voltage of a particle is defined to be the integral of the electric field with respects to r. Thus integrating you get the above equation.

Radiation resistance of quarter wave monopole antenna is?

The radiation resistance of quarter wave monopole is 36.5 ohms

Why there is no magnetic monopole?

Nothing in physics really says that there can not be a magnetic monopole. However one has never been observed experimentally.

What is true of magnetic field lines but not of electric field lines?

Magnetic field lines must be closed. There is no such thing as a magnetic monopole. A magetic field line might be very long but eventually it will bend aroung forming a closed loop.Electric field lines can originate from a point (hence they are open). A charge (like an electron) is a electric monopole. They show which way iron shavings would align themselves.They always form complete loops.They show which way iron shavings would align themselves. (APEX)

The most appropriate value of the radiation resistance of a quarter wave monopole antenna?

The radiation resistance of a quarter wave monopole over a ground plane is 36.5 ohms.

What has the author Diane Francis written?

Diane Francis has written: 'Le monopole'

Do black holes have a magnetic charge?

A black hole can have an electric charge if it swallows electrically charged objects, but no objects that we know of have magnetic charge. Magnets always have both a north pole and a south pole; there is no evidence that one can exist alone. A lone north or south pole would be called a magnetic monopole, and would have magnetic charge. If we discovered a magnetic monopole and fed it to a black hole then the black hole would gain the magnetic charge.

What is the best techno car chase song?

Waters of Nazereth by justice Or? Monopole by Wire Fences

How are electric charges similar to magnetic poles?

There are two oppositely "charged" poles for both electric and magnetic. For magnetism we call the poles North and South, while for static electricity we call the poles positive and negative. Of course, you can walk away with the electrically charged positive pole, while you can't walk away with the North "charged" pole. There are differences. There is (apparently) no magnetic monopole.

Compare and contrast the gravitational force with the electric force?

gravitation only attracts, while electrical forces attract when the electrical charges are opposite and repel if the charges are similar. Thus, gravitation is considered a monopole force, while electrostatics is a dipole force. However, the concept of dark energy, which seem

Do bar magnets have a north and South pole?

Yes. All magnets of north and south poles. There is no such thing as a magnetic monopole.

Names starting with mo?

mobile, mobylette, mocassin, mode, moelle, moitié, monde, monnaie, monopole, moteur, moyen ...

What do the poles have to do with magnetism?

Every magnet has a north pole, and a south pole. Unlike electric charges, these can NOT be separated. If you cut a magnet into two smaller pieces, each one will still have a north pole and a south pole. Some theories predict that there should be "magnetic monopole" (isolated poles, that is), but so far, none have been found.

Compare and contrast electricity and magnetism?

Compare:- Electricity and magnetism are both described mathematically as vector fields.- The force attributed to both, the Lorentz force, only affects charged particles.- A moving electric field is equivalent to a magnetic field.Contrast:- Magnetic field lines "loop" around their poles, electric field lines start at a point charge and continue on indefinitely.- All materials feel a magnetic field through the effect of diamagnetism. Only charged particles feel an electric field.- There is such a thing as a point charge, but there is no such thing as a magnetic monopole.

Can you have a magnet with only one end?

Probably not. The magnetic monopole, as it is called, has never been observed. Some theories predict the possibility that they exist, though.

Does sub-atomic particle have only north pole or south pole?

They have both. Despite intense looking there has never been a monopole sighted.

A disturbance sends ripples across water in a tub these ripples example of a?

wave front. radio waves do the same thing when emitted by a monopole antenna

How do you convert SO3 to Sulfide?

The term "Sulfide" simply refers to an anion of sulfur, such as S 2-. Because it is an ion, it cannot be isolated into a theoretical monopole.

What has the author Nicolas Deschamps written?

Nicolas Deschamps has written: 'Le monopole universitaire destructeur de la religion et des lois'

Why does every magnet have north and south pole?

This is actually a good question. It's theoretically possible that a magnetic monopole (a magnet with just a north or south pole) could exist, but no one has ever observed any. It would have to be a new type of subatomic particle with a special magnetic charge; anything you do involving electric charges is always going to result in both a north and south pole, because that's how electromagnetism works.(Note: a magnetic monopole would violate one of Maxwell's equations, but that particular equation was developed assuming that magnetic monopoles did not exist; there's no underlying reason they couldn't that we know of, they just don't that we know of.)

What has the author Fritz Engelmann written?

Fritz Engelmann has written: 'Der Kampf gegen die Monopole in den USA' -- subject(s): Antitrust law

What is a salt March?

It is an Indian march organized by Gandhi in 1930 against the British monopole on salt and against the UK colonialism. See also the link below.

What is an ampere-turn?

An ampere-turn is the unit of magnetomotive force, the work required to carry a magnetic monopole of unit strength once around a magnetic circuit.

What is the difference between monopole antenna and dipole antenna?

Monopole is an antenna with just the radiating element where the ground of the transmitter is connected to an electrical ground which serves as an Image ground to the radiating element. Thus the name "mono" pole. Dipole is where the ground and the radiating elements are connected to two different elements where one is the radiating element and the other is the ground to the later. Thus the name "Di" Pole Cheers by zafran khan

How do magnetic field lines differ from electric field lines?

One represents a field of one kind, the other represents a different kind.trueAnswer 2I wonder what you mean by an electric field. You may mean the magnetic field produced by an electromagnet as opposed to a permanent magnet. Well, they are both the same.AnswerAs far as electrical conductors are concerned, a magnetic field is produced by an electric current, whereas an electric field is produced by potential. The magnetic field produced by a current surround the conductor and, viewed from one end of that conductor, are represented by concentric circles.An electric field is set up between a charged conductor and adjacent conductors and/or earth (ground). Viewed from one end of the conductor, these are represented as lines that radiate outwards from the conductor.So, a magnetic field and an electric field act at right-angles to each other.