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An electric motor uses electrical energy to produce mechanical energy. The reverse process, that of using mechanical energy to produce electrical energy, is accomplished by a generator or dynamo. Traction motors used on locomotives and some electric and hybrid automobiles often perform both tasks if the vehicle is equipped with dynamic brakes. Electric motors are found in household appliances such as fans, refrigerators, washing machines, pool pumps, floor vacuums, and fan-forced ovens. They are also found in many other devices such as computer equipment, in its disk drives, printers, and fans; and in some sound and video playing and recording equipment as DVD/CD players and recorders, tape players and recorders, and record players. Electric motors are also found in several kinds of toys such as some kinds of vehicles and robotic toys.

An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Most electric motors operate through interacting magnetic field and current carrying conductors to generate force but a few use electrostatic forces.
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What is the use of brushes in an electric motor?

Answer . Brushes transfer electricity to the commutator which is connected to the winding on the armature. The brushes and commutator form a electrical connection that is good when the brushes are stationary and the commutator is spinning. The commutator on a DC motor is sectioned to power dif ( Full Answer )

What do electric motors do?

Answer . An electric motor is a device which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy in order to do work.

When do we use the electric motor?

An electric motor is used when an internal combustion engine is notpractical. They are capable of being used in very tiny or largeapplications without producing any emissions.

What is the importance of the electric motor?

The importance of the electric motors is that it provides a motorwhich can be operated without volatile fuels or harmful exhaust. Itprovides consistent power which can be operated in nearly anyenvironment.

How do you change the motor of an electric dryer?

As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed. Before you do any work yourself, on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances, always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de- ( Full Answer )

Electric motor parts?

Electric motor parts are pieces of electric motors. Some examplesof electric motor parts are: bearings, carbon brushes, gasketmaterials, pumps, soft starters, and terminal boxes.

Can a DC motor generate electricity?

Depending on how the magnetic field of the stator is created, some types of DC motor can be used to generate electricity. If the magnetic field is created either by a permanent magnet or by a field winding that is powered from another source, such as a battery supplying the correct voltage, then ( Full Answer )

Appliances that use electric motors?

Answered any number of times - let me see if I can get some less common ones Almost any toy that moves and uses batteries iPhone (or any cell phone with a vibrator setting) power windows printer microwave oven DVD drive sink garbage disposal a laser barcode scanner ( like at a groce ( Full Answer )

How to do the megger test in electric motor?

Briefly, a megger test is testing an electric circuit at load. The circuit might prove good at normal resistance measuring but fails when applying high voltage. Read the megger result correctly, every electric circuit will fail if stressed high enough. Disconnect any servo drive or frequency control ( Full Answer )

How are electrical generators and electrical motors different?

The basic difference between an electrical generator & electrical motor is the conversion of energy. Principally, in case of electrical generator the mechanical energy (steam, water, wind) is converted into electrical energy whereas in case of electrical motor the electrical energy is converted in ( Full Answer )

Can you change the RPMs of an electric motor?

yes, you can. in A/C motor rps(rev/sec) is N(rps)= f/p where f is the frequency and p is the number of pair poles. By increasing or decreasing the frequency the rps will change accordingly. By having less or more pair poles the rps will be increased or reduced. the more pair poles the lower will be ( Full Answer )

How do you turn an electric motor into an electric generator?

The simple answer is: You start with a motor with permanent magnets and then simply turn the output shaft by hand and you will get current from the power input of the motor. However, there are AC and DC motors. Whether you are using a DC motor to charge a battery or an AC motor to power a tool, you ( Full Answer )

Which change occurs in an electric motor?

Electrical energy is used to create a electromagnet with alternating poles. These alternating poles will cause another magnet with constant poles attached to an armature to turn and create mechanical energy.

How do you measure rpm of electric motor?

Two methods, one uses a dial that is held in the center of the revolving shaft and is directly read off of the dial face. The second method uses a strobe light. The light is focused on the shaft and the dial on the strobe is turned until it looks like the shaft has come to a stand still. The RPM is ( Full Answer )

How does an electrical motor in an electrical scooters work?

just synopsis to explain either its AC or DC motor there exsist a battery for power supply, ac can be generated using a inverter circuit and iginition is at key accelerator is a potentio-meter by which you can contorl the supply to the motor better google it for more precise explanation ( Full Answer )

What is the overheating voltage of an electric motor?

Motors overheat due to excessive current, not necessarily voltage. Normal voltage can cause a motor to overheat if it is stuck (not spinning). The problem is not usually the voltage, but whatever is causing excessive current flow (usually because the motor is not spinning like it is supposed to).

Can an electric motor be made to generate electricity?

For some kinds of electric motors - not all kinds - the answer is yes. It is hard to explain the reasons using very simple terms, but here goes: Most small direct current electric motors that have stators which are made of permanent magnets can be made to generate direct current electricity wh ( Full Answer )

Can a motor supply electricity?

Yes and no. If a motor was supplying electricity to a system, then it would be called a generator. The device, while unexcited, is both a generator AND a motor, but until it excites a system (a generator) or is excited by a system (a motor) does it becomes one or the other.

What are the different types of electric motors?

Electric Motors? . The 'AC' in AC motors stands for alternating current and indicates that these machines use an alternating current to provide power. An alternating current means that the electrons traveling along the conductor switch direction regularly, so that they flow first forwards and the ( Full Answer )

What is the horsepower rating of an electric motor?

Horsepower is the Imperial unit of measurement for power. In North America, the horsepower is still used to define the rated output power of a motor, whereas the watt is used to define its corresponding input power. Because no device is 100% efficient, a motor's rated output power is always lower ( Full Answer )

What causes motion in electrical motors?

Electricity. The energized coils in the A.C. motors' stator cause eddy currents forcing the rotor to move. A D.C. motor acts like magnets turning on to repulse the opposite magnet, pushing it away. Switching polarities so it continues.

How does an electric motor fan work?

An electromagnet is the basis of an electric motor. You can understand how things work in the motor by imagining the following scenario. Say that you created a simple electromagnet by wrapping 100 loops of wire around a nail and connecting it to a battery. The nail would become a magnet and have a n ( Full Answer )

What was the first commercial electric motor?

Thomas Davenport, a blacksmith from Vermont, developed a motor that successfully powered a printing press. This invention marked one of the earliest uses of the electric motor for commercial purposes

Why does your 2hp electric motor get hot?

All motors get hot. If yours is getting hotter than normal, it might be overloaded, a winding might be shorted, the start/run switch (if there is one) might not be working, a capacitor might be bad, or you might be running it on the wrong voltage or frequency.

Why electric motor is greater?

it is because you will save money on energy expenses in comparison to a gasoline engine..

How are electric generators different from electric motors?

They both use the same parts, but work differently in the way electricity is applied to them. The basic components of each are a stator (stationary part), a rotor (rotating part), and a wire coil. In an electric generator, the rotor is mechanically driven by an armature and has a wound wire coil ( Full Answer )

What does the commutator in an electrical motor do?

If there is a commutator, it means you are dealing with a DC motor. The commutator acts like a switch to supply voltage to a revolving armature from the stationary brush assembly. A commutator has commutator bars, each seperated by mica insulation. Each coil of the rotating armature is connect ( Full Answer )

What electrical devices use an electric motor?

fans, air conditioners, some ovens, hair dryers, computers, space heaters, microwaves, some freezers, projectors, amplifiers, dvd-s, blenders, cd players, VCR-s, printers, scanners, washing machines and dryers, electric lawn mowers, grass trimmers, drills, electric saws, turn tables, And i can't re ( Full Answer )

What is the speed of a 3kW electric motor?

The speed of motion generated by a motor is not a function of its nominal power. The nominal power, 3kW in this example, is an indicator for the electric power consumed, and for the force available in the direction of motion. The speed of a motor is determined by its construction, and can cover an ( Full Answer )

Do electric motors produce waste?

Since Electric Motors are not 100%, you could say that they produce "waste". I believe that the majority of that "waste" would be in the form of heat. Part of that heat is lost in the windings and is proportional to the square of the current, and part of it would be friction loss in the bearings. El ( Full Answer )

What is the principle operation of electric motor?

An electric motor uses electrical energy to produce mechanicalenergy, very typically through the interaction of magnetic fieldsand current-carrying conductors. The reverse process, producingelectrical energy from mechanical energy, is accomplished by analternator, generator or dynamo. Many types of ( Full Answer )

What is the highest electric motor efficiency?

Motor efficiency depends on the motor size and how much it isloaded. You get the best efficiency above 75% of the rated load forthat motor. Note the table below: Horsepower Standard Premium Efficiency Efficiency% Efficiency% 1 --- 78.0 --- 82.5 2 --- 78.5 --- 84.0 5 --- 84.0 --- 89.6 10 --- 84.0 -- ( Full Answer )

How do you choose bearing of electric motor?

There are numerous bearing suppliers and the best of them havebearing selection guides that you can download or get as apamphlet. In short, you should know or learn for your particular motor.. Speed Reaction forces from the driven load Reaction force from rotor unbalance Reaction force from rotor ( Full Answer )

What happens in electric motors?

There are far too many types of electric motors to fully explaintheir operation on this site. Some of the different types ofelectric motors include the following categories: DC, single phaseAC, three phase AC, AC/DC universal, synchronous, asynchronous,induction, reluctance, stepper, servo, synchro, ( Full Answer )