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What is an electrical hard cell?

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How is mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy through a solar cell? It isn't, what energy is converted is commonly known as solar energy. What happens in a solar cell is that the sun "shoots" photons at the silicon cell. When the photons are shot hard enough, the silicon "breaks" as well as the photon and energy is formed. This is then used as electrical energy.

The function of a cell in an electrical circuit is to push the lectrons around the circuit. It can also be the source of charge in an electrical circuit.

In an electrolytic cell, electrical energy is used to bring about a non spontaneous reaction. In a voltaic cell, a spontaneous reaction generates electrical energy.

A neuron is an excitable nerve cell that sends electrical signals when stimulated

It is a cell that coverts solar energy into electrical energy

No current will flow in an electrical circuit unless there is a potential difference across it. An electrical cell is one way to provide a potential difference across a circuit.

photogalvanic cell is a cell ,which directly converts energy from the sun into electrical energy.

the paticle that was hard to detect was neutrons because it had no electrical charge.

Cell membranes are not hard at all they are actually quite softish....

A voltaic cell is an electrochemical chamber or cell where chemical energy is changed to electrical energy.

A photovoltaic cell.A photovoltaic cell.A photovoltaic cell.A photovoltaic cell.

The dendrite conducts electrical currents towards the cell body. The axon terminal on the other hand conducts impulses away from the cell body.

Yes, hard covers can scratch cell phones.

Solar photovoltaic cell converts solar energy into electrical energy.

Chemical energy is changed into electrical energy

If the redox reaction in an electrochemical cell occurs spontaneously and produces electrical energy, the cell is a voltaic cell.

A cell with a negative cell voltage an electrochemical cell is a device that transformes stored chemical energy into electrical energy.

Cells communicate with each other by chemicals or electrical impulses.

it allows for neurons to pass electrical and chemical signals from cell to cell

Facilitate conduction of impulse by reversal of electrical potential.

A load cell simply converts force into an electrical charge. These can be as simple as a button, or as some kind of electrical pressure plate, and so on.

Nerve cells. They are really more chemical than electrical, however.

A solar cell converts light into electrical energy.

A load cell is a transducer that is used to convert a force into electrical signal.

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